40 Weird 'Waaaait A Minute' Pics

In my many years of wasting time on the internet, I've come across a lot of weird stuff. Snakes with two heads, birds with two beaks, snakes with two bird heads — it's crazy.

But every now and then, there's something much more subtle. Something you see where you need to stop and really take it in. These are a few of those...

1. A handy guide for parents looking to buy baby things for the first time.

Reddit | obviousplant

High chair, good... Headphones, okay? Wait, a what? It just gets crazier as it goes on.

2. A pretty underrated sequel to a very popular franchise.

Reddit | FuzzyBagpuss

Although, I don't actually remember this being the plot. Well, I guess it has been a while since I've seen it.

3. Mmm, extra spicy! Sure sounds good to me!

Instagram | @_theblessedone

It's nice of them to show just how much extra spice they added, too. Wait — what's that last bit say? Oh...okay.

4. That's a cute family pic right there!

Imgur | TheJerrySmith

This will be one for the photo album, for sure... Hang on. What's that happening in the background? Well, alright then. Load 'em up!

5. This is great 'cause someone looked at their steak sauce and thought, "hold on!"

Instagram | @bestmemesperiod

I guess they really had their priorities straight back then. We could use a new sauce these days.

6. There are a lot of questions that go with this post.

Instagram | @kttiens

That's a lot of effort for a really weird payoff. Maybe I just don't understand pranks these days, bro.

7. Okay, but for real, what is going on with you, nature??

Reddit | Reddit

This either looks like two grapes in a warm embrace or something more kinky, like some kind of BDS-stem.

8. That's no dessert. Now I'm just grossed out.

Instagram | @kttiens

The only time I want to hear the phrase "hard-boiled penguin egg" is if I'm asking for suggestions for my new band name.

9. Why is nature always trying to scare us?! 

Instagram | @memelif3

That's a terrifying sight these days. Sheesh, nature, what did we ever do to you? Oh... Right. The countless years of pollution.

10. Fortune cookies are always great!

Reddit | mmarsico84

They may not predict your future every time, but are often filled with encouraging words of wisdom and support and... Hey! What was that last part?!

11. Okay, just another day at the ballpark, huh? 

Reddit | invadero

Hold on... There's a celebrity in our midst! They will always remember this as the day they almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow on camera.

12. You should always expect the unexpected when you ride on public transit.

Imgur | arranrp

And if this poster for the London Underground is any indication, tuck your pants into your socks on the train!

13. I dunno, girl, that midriff look hasn't really been popular since... Oh, my bad.

Reddot | kraven420

Yep, just a mannequin half. Mannequins in general always freak me out for some strange reason.

14. Even criminals gotta read the fine print!

Reddit | LewisTheScot

In case it's too small for you to see, the print underneath reads, "Unless you plan on robbing us, then it's full of... poisonous snakes."

15. That is one unfortunate place for a guy's leg to show up.

Imgur | LastNightIThoughtItWasAGoodIdea

Seriously, how many of you thought the girl on the right had a disturbingly hairy shoulder at first glance?

16. If you're going to cup your pup, get some good lighting!

Instagram | @lifeshumor

If the person didn't tweet about their dog and Starbucks, I'd be thinking the same thing as this guy.

17. Here's a diabolical eye-trick from a random restroom.

Instagram | @notdelighted

Especially if you've had a pint or two, this could really trip you out. I'd probably just stay inside and have a good ol' anxiety cry for a while.

18. To be fair, most people don't even read those buzzwords carefully.

Reddit | JeffreytheSeagull

But one of those terms really has nothing to do with the others, or snacks in general. Not that there's anything wrong with the idea, of course. It's just out of place.

19. Yep...that's a perfectly straight banana.

Reddit | Bluekid_16

20. This is actually every guy's face if they ever woke up with boobs one day.

LifeBuzz | LifeBuzz

21. This is an excellent question

Reddit | Ratedfreak

Someone has three hands or else prom is haunted...

22. Everybody enjoys dressing up, but do girls really have fantasies about being World War II evacuees?

Reddit | SpagyetiBoy

Even for Halloween, this costume is downright strange. Well researched, perhaps, but definitely strange.

23. If your toast has a habit of coming out not quite toasted enough, this toaster has an "a bit more" button for that.

Reddit | Destroyer777777

The future is here, people. The future is here!

24. Ah, yes, if only all of mankind were created with their ass in the front, it would make checking people out a lot easier.

Imgur | isis1261

25. I know some days it feels like the world is ending, especially these days, but it's really not!

Instagram | @memelif3

I think it's just trying to say that your neighborhood is the bomb!

26. Comfort comes first!

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

27. Oh man, that's got to be embarrassing! During a presentation and everything?!

Reddit | CptSandbag73

No, wait, no... Sorry, that's just a reflection. An unfortunate reflection, sure, but just the reflection of some chairs.

28. This tomato probably freaked someone out when they saw a perfectly-shaped duck. 

Reddit | 266785

29. Apparently, this mug that didn't get the memo.

Reddit | DatScotty

30. Watching all eight Fast & Furious movies sounds like an ambitious plan.

Reddit | yet_another_dave

And with the plot twist of watching them all simultaneously? Hard to argue with the idea that it will be wild, man.

31. And I really, really thought this was Photoshop at first, but no, it's just weird.

Facebook | Car memes

It's basically the car version of what my life looks like when I think I have everything in order.

32. This was weird and gross from the get go.

Twitter | @Lockyourbeauty

I don't care how good you are with makeup, please don't make this look a thing. This looks like a tragedy.

33. If it weren't for the hat, I'd probably still think that's what I was looking at.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

And before you ask why the gorilla would be fishing, the answer is that everyone needs a hobby.

34. Now this one I know isn't altered, and literally gets funnier the more you take it in.

Reddit | vitalvisionary

Funnier and more confusing, I should say. If I were to sum up America, I could do worse than this.

35. Because you know, potatoes are always laying around parks. 

Instagram | @memes_are_mee.2

Classic mixup!

36. So, it's pretty much impossible to unsee this now.

Instagram | @kontheabstract

I feel like a lot of fantasy fans just saw all their dreams come true.

37. I love a woman who can open her own jar of pickles.

Ozock | Ozock

38. You know, that really takes all the magic away from this guy.

Instagram | Instagram

Like, what I thought was a crazy-haired surfing wildman just turns out to be some dork in a hat? Lame.

39. Hey, that spray wasn't tested on animals — what a great, responsible product.

Reddit | thank-you-too

Yeah, that veterinary spray to relieve itching in...dogs...and cats...um, maybe they should have tested it on animals after all?

40. "My points never expire" is absolutely a great catchphrase for a rewards card.

Reddit | Simmo5150

Is it too good to be true? Yes. If your next sentence is going to undercut the whole idea, maybe just go back to the drawing board.

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