12 'Black Panther' Tattoos For The Superfans Out There

Diply 26 Feb 2018

Black Panther is already on track to become the highest-grossing film of all time. Of all time, people! The movie has only been in theaters for about two weeks, but fans are already showing their support in ink form.

We're betting that Black Panther tattoos are set to become one of the biggest ink trends of 2018. Check out some of the most wild ones for yourself!

1. This Black Panther fan wasted absolutely no time getting inked after seeing the movie. 

Instagram | @sojourn.w

Because let's be serious: What could possibly be more powerful and meaningful than "Wakanda Forever"? The lower collarbone placement of this fine-lined tattoo is super fierce.

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2. This Black Panther-inspired tattoo is nothing short of a commitment, but this fan is obviously the real deal. 

Instagram | @tatsbydice

Does this tattoo not look so realistic? Also, check out that shading! I've always been hugely impressed by tattoo artists who can create 3D ink.

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3. The geometric lines and harsh contrast between the dark and light ink makes this Black Panther tattoo totally stand out. 

Instagram | @dc5_zackw

The lower arm placement ensures that everyone knows this ink-lover is a serious Black Panther fan. Go big or go home, right?

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4. If you want to symbolically identify as a member of the nation of Wakanda, simply get inked with an iconic inner-lip mark! 

Instagram | @joyofodu

This looks seriously cool, but I can't imagine how painful a lip tattoo would be. I think I'll stick with the temporary version.

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5. Black Panther tattoo or ink drawing that belongs in a museum?

Instagram | @dalvam_dext

The detail and shadowing that went into this incredible piece of ink is way too impressive. That would've been a long sitting.

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6. I'm usually not one for colored ink tattoos, but this Black Panther masterpiece is absolutely perfect. 

Instagram | @queenbeeink

Just LOOK at that detail and the use of light and shadow! My mind is blown.

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7. I can picture it now: Seas of Black Panther fans frantically calling up their tattoo artists, eager to book the next available appointment. 

Instagram | @taz_toon

This one probably took hours, considering all of that detail.

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8. Although most fans seem to have taken ink-spiration straight from the movie, this Black Panther tattoo is more abstract. 

Instagram | @pics_of_inked_

I love all of the geometric shapes and black ink shading.

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9. Just when you thought you'd seen the last of the Wakanda inner-lip tattoos, I'm here to show you that you most certainly have not. 

Twitter | @trappakhan

"Wakanda Forever" is literal when done in a tattoo.

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10. Can you believe that this artistic Black Panther portrait is actually a cover-up tattoo? 

Twitter | @tattoosbyruss

Sick of having your ex's name inked on your bod? Just cover it up with a giant Black Panther!

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11. This Black Panther-inspired tattoo is absolutely beautiful. 

Instagram | @steveniems

Between the shading, bright flowers, yellow accents, and the Black Panther's striking ice-blue eyes, this giant portrait is undoubtedly a work of art.

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12. And last but not least, feast your eyes upon this extremely detailed, bold, and 3D-looking masterpiece. 

Twitter | @bakaray_

Honestly, I feel like if I reached out, I could feel the texture of the mask!

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With a film as groundbreaking and visually stunning as this, we're not surprised to see some killer ink devoted to it.


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