14+ Hair Transformations That Prove A Great Barber Is Basically A Cosmetic Surgeon

When I think about dramatic haircuts, I tend to imagine a woman chopping off her extravagant Rapunzel locks into a chin-length bob. However, the photos below have opened my eyes to the world of men's haircuts and how small changes can entirely transform a man's face.

In other words, barber surgery is definitely a thing.

The right haircut is like contouring for men.

Instagram | @wadethebarber

To be fair, some men actually do contour with makeup (Bretman Rock, ILY), but the right edges on a beard can bring out a man's jaw and cheekbones all the same.

A little bit of styling can go a long way.

Reddit | the_frantic_posaune

It's impressive what a few layers can do for your hair. The shaved sides really clean up the look, as well.

Alright, this is what it means to have a sharp cut.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

In fact, the lines on this haircut are so sharp they could probably slice bread.

I approve of this transformation 100%.

Yes, man-weaves exist, and they are incredible. 

Instagram | @wadethebarber

Women aren't the only ones who can transform their hair with extensions. Now, some barbers are combining their blade skills with weaves made especially for men.

Goodbye party in the back, and hello business in the front.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

This cut is a 180° in terms of hair placement.

It's like he went from Billy Ray Cyrus to Danny Zuko in a matter of minutes.

We can see actually see his face with the haircut, so that's an automatic win.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

Everyone was rocking skater hair in 2008. But, you know, it's been over 10 years since then.

This man looks like he's on his way to steal your grandma.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

This guy just became goals for all men when they reach his age. He also looks like he should've been cast in Sons of Anarchy.

This guy has to retake all of his ID photos now.

Instagram | @1246barber

It'll cost him to replace all of those government-issued IDs (he's completely unrecognizable now without all that hair), but it's well worth it.

This is what you call a fresh cut.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

Someone call Snap, Crackle, and Pop, because this man's haircut is lookin' crisp.

A little bit of refinement can go a long way.

Beard vs. no-beard photos always traumatize me.

Instagram | @wadethebarber

Like, sorry, didn't realize you had a face under there!

Never actually knew what you looked like until now.

Thanks for shattering my entire perception of your face!

I am here for the Johnny Bravo hair.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

I think voluminous hair looks good on both men and women. However, I do wonder how much hairspray it takes to keep that style in place.

How is this even the same person?

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

I know the haircut seems minor, but it's completely changed the shape of this guy's face.

Peek-a-boo! Where was that jawline hiding before?

I'm so glad this man decided to get a haircut.

Instagram | @clayton_keith_hair

We've been appreciating barbers up until now, but we should also give kudos to these men for trying something different.

In every case, I think they made an excellent decision.

And there goes 10 years off his face.

Instagram | @hmaakesson

It looks like this barber shaved a decade off this man's age.

He just went from 35 to 25 in one haircut.

Sometimes, you just need to get a little cleaned up.

Instagram | @balibarber

The difference here is subtle, but major. Rounding out the edge of his beard completely changed his face shape!

It's so wild how grown-out hair can make such a difference in a look.

Instagram | @finecutz13

There's something so satisfying about a box fade.

After this haircut, he may just be dreading his dreads!

Reddit | termitequeen

His whole style transformed with his haircut!

There's nothing wrong with long hair, but a major chop completely frames the face differently.

Instagram | @scotchandscissors

He looks free.

From frizzy to freeing.

Instagram | @tealeavesband

It looks like the haircut was completely meant to be!

22. This one's tough, because we all wish we had curly hair like his look on the left.

Reddit | jordyloks

But he looks like he's about to take over a corporation with that haircut on the right.

23. He even changed his part!

Imgur | Drewcifer

Sorry, but I'm completely jealous of his silky hair on the left.

24. Okay, Ken.

Instagram | @roarey

It's a pretty big change! But it's wild how both looks totally suit him.

Bye-Bye Bieber.

Reddit | [deleted]

Remember when this hairstyle was huge? Like anything, trends change, and short structured hair is totally in.

It's wild how a big chop to your hair can completely change your style.

Instagram | @stautbarberstue

This guy is a whole new mans!

Short hair, don't care.

Instagram | @jackthesnipper_official

I know some of you are into that long-haired surfer look, but I'm really feelin' the photo on the right.

It's less "Cowabunga, dudes!" and more "Welcome to the family, son-in-law."

Slow clap.

Instagram | @a_rabbit_king

Again, I know some of you are into long hair, but I'm voting for the "after" photo in every single one of these images.