16 Families Who Prove Home Is Where The Weird Is

Although it's true that no one loves you like family, it's equally true that no one annoys, shames, irritates, or mortifies you like your own family either.

Luckily, you're not alone.

Take a look at these 16 images that prove everyone's relatives put the "fun" in "dysfunctional." Turns out, having family members who make you wish you were adopted is just part of the human experience.

Turns out, weirdness is thicker than blood.

1. "Oh, come on, Greg, matching outfits will be fun!"

Imgur | maryfingerpoppins

After that, dad put his foot down, and that was the last time mom was allowed to make decisions about the family's wardrobe.

2. Sister's in labor. Perfect time for a selfie.

Imgur | KattegoryPhotography

Can't quite tell if the woman in the hospital bed is screaming from the agony of the contractions or because she's realizing she's related to a complete narcissist.

3. This is why uncles are always the least favorite relative.

Reddit | Pelle1101

Forget the racist jokes and inappropriate comments during Thanksgiving, uncles get a bad rap because they cannot seem to control themselves. Exhibit A right here.

4. One of these things is not like the others.

Reddit | wmtheconquerer

I'm still trying to decide if this is actually some kind of family photo or the world's most elaborately staged photobomb.

5. Embarrassing your kids takes 110 percent effort.

Imgur | mscuppykate

A back injury transformed this father from dude bro to dad bod. But fortunately, he didn't let his injury keep him from humiliating his daughters at prom time.

6. Look at the wide-eyed terror on the kid's face.

Reddit | toothman69

"Aw, Uncle Danny is all dressed up in his poor man's K.I.S.S. costume! Quick! Now would be the perfect time to hand him the baby!"

7. Grandpa showed up to a medieval-themed wedding like this.

Reddit | Reddit

I'm not raging on grandpa for this one. That costume is hella tight. I'm more concerned he's related to people who have medieval-themed weddings.

8. That's three big nopes right there.

Imgur | maryfingerpoppins

This is just blatant recruitment propaganda for the "Bro, Hold My Beer" establishment. Also, I'd bet all the yin yang tats on earth that these fellas were on Cops at least once.

9. Aw, so sweet...kinda.

Reddit | kilodude

There's just a special kind of bond between a brother and a sister. A bond that surely grows stronger every time a parent forces the other to make some kind of loving gesture.

10. There's just something not right...

Reddit | Reddit

About granny doing a keg stand. "Move over, sonny, and let a real woman show you how it's done." It's all fun and Bud Light 'til someone breaks a hip.

11. This is why there are so many trust issues in the world.

Twitter | @clarizzle_

What kind of deviant even thinks of this kind of thing? Did you even consider how many grilled cheese sandwiches you could make with all that wasted bread?

12. Are they practicing for some kind of doomsday scenario?

Imgur | botoxzombie

"The zombies are upon us! Quick, grab the baby, the pink semi-automatic riffle, Tresemmé shampoo, and ugly wolf dog and get in the garden tub!"

13. Wow. Just...wow.

Twitter | @SFatoh

I don't know all of the signs that indicate you are related to a psychopath, but I'm pretty sure collecting hair "for a few weeks now" has to be somewhere on that list.

14. That shirt is not going to fit the same anymore.

Reddit | ToastyMcAwesomeness

This family decided to recreate their cousin's bathroom selfie. Either that or it's a timelapse that captures a young man's transformation from teen into sad, middle-aged man.

15. Rack city. Rack, rack city, sis. 

Reddit | Huey13

How one gets themselves stuck in a towel rack, I'm not sure. All I know is that this makes the perfect case for gaining weight. When you're too thin, freaky stuff like this happens.