16 People Who Just Couldn't Be Bothered

Diply 28 Mar 2018

We all get lazy from time to time, and really, some things aren't worth putting effort into to begin with — but I think the people we're looking at today take this concept to a whole other level. To say that they DGAF is probably an understatement for most. Some of them are clearly just too lazy to care, and others, well, I don't think they see the point in caring. Whatever the case, they definitely made me laugh, so let's check it out!

1. Well, we could move this branch out of the way, buuuut — ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

Reddit | hmistry

I'm pretty sure this is the literal version of a "workaround." Hey, in my opinion, you don't have to work harder, just smarter,

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2. Some people might find your lack of effort disturbing. That's alright, I find it pretty funny.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Like, whatever — you get the point of the sign. Just move on with your life, lol. No need to go literally bananas on it.

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3. Yeah, concerts are cool and all, but have you ever tried just lying down? Lying down is the best.

Reddit | dutchy4233

And with all the technology that's around us these days, of course someone's gonna go ahead and pull this move off.

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4. Looks like Grandpa's gettin' too old to be bothered with your problems.

Reddit | DM_Me_pics_of_sloths

Lol. Like, wow, Grandpa — tell us how you really feel. Not that I go crazy over baby pics or anything either, but I've also never been a grandfather, soooo...

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5. Who needs these so-called "experts" anyway? 

Twitter | @sophie_gadd

People get the point of museums already. It's some old stuff — just look at it and leave! No, you can't ask any questions, leave!

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6. Sometimes going the lazy route can reap great rewards.

Instagram | @tampons

For example, if you didn't want to go out and get your own food, you could potentially still end up with a ton of it!

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7. Anyone wanna open these packets before putting them in containers? No? No one? Alright.

Reddit | wr3stler

Some say this is for sanitary purposes, but then, why would you bother putting them in shakers and not in a basket or something?

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8. Well, I know I've definitely pulled moves like this in the past.

Twitter | @Swallowfire

You think I'm gonna leave the comfort of my chair to hit a stupid button? Guess again, sweetie.

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9. Why take it down when you could just make it better?

Instagram | Instagram

I mean, you'd probably have to replace it with something else anyway. I think these little additions are the perfect solution.

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10. Why pull all the way out of the driveway if you're just gonna pull into another driveway?

Reddit | stellarladyfriend

I mean, I can understand walking across, but driving the whole truck? That's next level.

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11. Well, the important thing is that things weren't as awkward as they could've been, I guess.

Me.me | Me.me

You can't blame a dad for not having Bieber fever. At least he was nice about it.

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12. Making the best of a bad situation.

Reddit | [deleted]

What better time for a photo op than with a house up in flames in the background? This photo will be literally lit!

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13. Who's really gonna bother with setting up lights and such for a pic when you could just do this?

Reddit | ltrob

A bit of aluminium on your cereal box and bam! Instant fire.

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14. I get it, acronyms are hard — ya know? 

Imgur | websafepallet

The person making this sign must've just been like, "Yeah, these words are basically karate-related. What about the T? Nah, we don't need anything there."

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15. Sure, you could go to all the trouble of booking out a big, expensive place — or you could get married at Walmart.

Instagram | Instagram

That way, you'll be rolling back savings on your wedding, right?

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16. Hey, sometimes a writer's just gonna be lazy.

Twitter | @NeillWoelk

Not me, though, I'd never give less than the best in my writing...and, uhh, I don't know, let's end the article here — I'm tired.

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