16 Inventions No One Asked For

Diply 14 Feb 2018

We’ve all come across some ingenious product or invention and instantly thought to ourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?” But have you ever come across a product and thought, “What the heck were they thinking?” If you haven’t, you will after reading this article. These inventions literally never needed to be made.

1. Whoever invented this “handy” device probably thought that because an outreached pointer finger and thumb is the universal sign for talking on the phone, people would actually want to talk on the phone like that. 

Instagram | @sookeroyalty

This person was wrong. Very wrong.

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2. Yes, this is exactly what one looks for in a walkie-talkie travel mug combo.   

Instagram | @wekeepitnerdy

Wait...no one looks for that combo and who would want to hold a mug of scolding hot coffee up to their face? The answer is no one.

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3. The AB-hancer will get you a six pack in seconds and will also only last for seconds.  

Instagram | @weirdproducts

Then, it’ll fade into a bunch of red marks that look as if you fell asleep face-down on a baby gate for hours. Very convincing.

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4. There are a couple of things in life I refuse to share, and one of them is coffee. 

Uncommon Goods | Uncommon Goods

So, the last thing I’d want to own is a coffee mug that cuts my caffeine intake in half. Whoever designed this clearly doesn’t understand caffeine addiction.

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5. Double the fun? More like double the gross. 

Amazon | Amazon

My only question is why? This isn’t practical. This isn’t sexy. This isn’t cute. Undies for Two doesn’t even make a good gag gift, unless gag gift means you gag when you see it. Then, mission accomplished.

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6. You’re already sleeping in the same bed. Do you really need pillowcases that declare your love for one another? 

Amazon | Amazon

Do you swap pillows when one of you loves the other one more? There’s just no way anyone asked for this.

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7. How did this product make its way past the design department, marketing, and beyond? 

Tumblr | @wellingtonyoungfeminists

Kids' socks that say, “I’m too pretty to do maths,” and “dumb blonde.” What were they thinking? I will give credit though for using the right "too."

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8. I know accessories are all the rage these days, but this is overkill. 

Twitter | @haileebobailee

It looks painful and just plain strange. What kind of person wants a string hanging from their eyeball? You couldn't even compliment this if you wanted to. “I like your eyeball jewels.” Just no!

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9. "It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt" should be the tagline for this product.  

Twitter | @NYPD112Pct

I can’t think of a single scenario where this product would be a good idea, unless you're actively trying to get yourself shot. Nothing like pulling out a gun lookalike for a good time!

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10. Diet water is the perfect beverage to drink for when zero calorie water is just too much for you. 

Marco | Marco

It offers all the tastelessness of water, but with diet water you don’t have to worry about those zero calories, because it’s diet.

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11. PooTrap is the newest way to shame your dog!

TechCrunch | TechCrunch

Nothing like taking a crap into a plastic bag and then carrying it around for the remainder of the walk. All so you don’t have to pick it up yourself. Bravo!

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12. For those who don’t like using efficient tools like pizza rockers, knives, and pizza wheels, there are scissors.  

Reddit | bananaman105

Pizza scissors are impractical, unnecessary, and difficult to clean — perfect for those who enjoy setting their hard earned money on fire.

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13. Chicken is fantastic in nearly all of its many forms, as nuggets, sandwiches, tenders, drumsticks, cordon bleu, and many more. 

Reddit | [deleted]

However, a whole chicken in a can isn’t one of them. Spring for the five dollar rotisserie chicken, but please avoid this eyesore.

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14. Handerpants have all the appeal of fingerless gloves with the added benefit of repelling literally everyone,

Reddit | AlabamaMayan

These are perfect if you want people to stop shaking your hand, speaking to you, respecting you, and all around considering you an adequate member of society. So, sure, get yourself a pair!

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15. I’m 100% sure this would fall under the category of distracted driving.

Pickup Specialties | Pickup Specialties

I mean, sure, you could just use this while parked, but your lap works just as well. It's actually hard to come up with a point to this existing.

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16. Shoe umbrellas are perfect for rainy weather.  

Quora | Nic Jones

They may look ridiculous. They may be impractical. But they’ll definitely shield the tops of your feet from the rain. Oooor you could just get a standard umbrella and keep your whole body dry. Up to you.

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