15 Totally Useless Party Tricks That You Can Learn Right Now

Diply 18 Apr 2018

My friends are always impressed by the random things I make, but I'm not usually one for party tricks. I do have one friend who loves to ham up the party, and another one who will try and make a bet with you on anything.

While these tricks might be pretty pointless, you can totally use them to ham up the party or win a bet. You'd be surprised at what can surprise and shock a group of grown adults. With these, I'm super impressed!

1. Break an apple in two with your bare hands.

YouTube | Mike Boyd

You don't need superhuman strength to break an apple in half with just your hands! With a little strategy it's actually pretty easy!

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2. Make it look like your cup is levitating. 

Imgur | thund3rbolt

This party trick couldn't be easier! You just need to make sure no one can see that your finger is stuck in a hole of the cup, and that they're pretty wasted.

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3. Turn water into ice instantly.

YouTube | The King of Random

This trick has a little bit to do with some science-y things that no one but scientists fully understand. When the temperature of water just above freezing, adding it to ice will freeze it instantly.

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4. Make an egg flip over in a shot glass.

SlipTalk | SlipTalk

Would you believe all it takes to flip an egg over in a shot glass is to blow on it? See the instructions below and give it a try. Don't forget to let us know if it's bull or not.

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5. Bet a friend you can climb through a single piece of paper.

All For The Boys | All For The Boys

It just takes a few strategic cuts and you can turn a regular sized piece of paper into a piece big enough to step through. You'll be raking in the dolla dolla bills!

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6. Give the illusion that a ring is moving up a string.

The Spruce Craft | The Spruce Craft

For this trick, you're going to have to lie — just a little bit. But isn't that what every real magician does anyway? Instead of a string, use a rubber band and jiggle the ring up by sneakily pulling on the elastic.

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7. Impress the hell out of your friends by opening kisses in one fell swoop.

Imgur | PicklesTheKitten

The more I watch this, the more impressed I get. I'd be popping kisses into people's hands all night long.

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8. Make a balloon appear to pop just by waving your hand.

Instructables | Instructables

The key to this is surprisingly a drop of juice from a citrus peel. Give it a try at your next party and maybe you'll be able to tell everyone, "This is how I got my girlfriend to date me!"

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9. Turn a useless old CD into...whatever this is.

YouTube | Mist8k

This trick might be the definition of a useless party trick, but it is pretty cool! I definitely want to give it a try.

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10. You're not imagining things, there really are several pencils poking through this bag of water. 

YouTube | brusspup

You don't need to be a magician to make this happen. It's actually really easy and is sure to impress all your friends (I mean, I'm super impressed)!

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11. Light a match in this crazy cool manner.

YouTube | Daniel Upshaw

I'm going to let you in on a secret, I'm totally afraid of fire. I will not touch any kind of matches or lighters, and I make other people light things every single time.

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12. Skin a watermelon.

YouTube | Mark Rober

Doesn't this watermelon look totally weird and kind of naked? It certainly is an impressive party trick, but I really don't know how to feel about it.

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13. Relight a candle without lighting the wick.

Imgur | Imgur

This trick is definitely going to make you look like a wizard. With my total fear of fire, I won't be trying this, but I encourage you to trick all your pals into thing you're actually Harry Potter.

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14. Make a super cheap phone case out of a balloon.

Reddit | waaliid

This trick is so easy, but also kind of genius in a really weird way. This is the kind of ridiculous trick that makes people think, "I should be a magician for sure."

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15. Turn the word "boy" into a drawing of a boy.

YouTube | Howcast

Just a few extra strokes of your marker and you've got yourself a perfect cartoon of the boy next door.

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Which party tricks are you going to be giving a shot at your next bash?

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