23 Neighbors Who Are So Passive-Aggressive It Physically Hurts

My parents have lived in the same house for as much of my life as I can remember. It was a pretty quiet neighborhood growing up. All the kids were friends because we went to the same school, and the whole area would get together in the summer for BBQs and go to each other's Christmas open houses.

But, unfortunately, that has since changed...my parents have new neighbors and they're just the worst. They're so strange and I kid you not, one dad uses a conch shell to call his children back home from the park.

1. "Our new neighbors are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later."

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I just had to share the caption, couldn't have explained it better myself.

2. I guess these people had their garbage bin visible from the street and their neighbors weren't happy with it.

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So, in response, these fine people put up a fence that resembles a hand letting them know exactly where those neighbors can go.

3. Having a clever wifi showdown has long been one of my greatest desires. 

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I bet this was just the beginning of it. I hope it got really dark. That's terrible, but I'm not going to hide who I am as a person.

4. This is the only way you could respond to something as ridiculous as this. 

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Honestly, who cares? Like, how stressful must life be for this person who is stressed out about dandelions?

5. Looks like these two have had a long-standing feud between them.

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That, or some wicked twist of fate brought them together for the final battle of the doormats. Both are ridiculous, so you choose.

6. OK, I just can't with this...

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So, this person mowed their elderly neighbor's lawn, the kind and proper thing to do, but apparently they didn't mow all the way to the property line. So the other neighbors left that grey area in disarray like the jerks they are. How much extra work would it have been to mow that one strip?

7. I aspire to this level of pettiness.

Reddit | NatTasTroPhe

Realistically, if it came to this, no one would win, everyone would just be covered in crap. I get it, though, it's a principle of the matter thing.

8. Now, I'm not sure what these people did to deserve that kind of glare, but it couldn't have been good.

Reddit | HoRoRosales

Dogs are the kindest and most gentle creatures on earth, so these people probably are terrible.

9. Can you believe this?

passiveaggressivenotes | passiveaggressivenotes

I just can't with some people. This is either next-level ridiculous, or someone just got a new sticker maker and they're abusing their power. Either way, this isn't great.

10. I have to agree with the person who left the note: If you're going to get it this far, just finish the deed.

passiveaggressivenotes | passiveaggressivenotes

Like, this has to be personal, otherwise it just doesn't make sense.

11. I like how this person is as worried about getting the plague as they are about having peanuts buried in their backyard.

passiveaggressivenotes | passiveaggressivenotes

I love squirrels! If I lived in a house, I would welcome squirrels into my yard with open arms. Get over yourself, honestly.

12. I'm not exactly sure what is going on here, and I'm not so sure how passive-aggressive it is, but it is something.

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I would like to know what events led up to this moment. I'm sure it's a great story.

13. Here are some other people who got in trouble for having their garbage cans visible on the street.

Reddit | sfnorris1

Honestly, who cares? I would rather look at a bunch of garbage cans instead of a bunch of garbage all over the place. Like oh, I'm so sorry the people on your street are responsible.

14. I think that this is wonderful, you've got to love a household that can have different political opinions.

Reddit | randyjman

Just kidding, this is exactly the kind of shaming that I live for.

15. Well, looks like this person pissed someone off...the most ever-present neighbor of them all. 

Reddit | tofik309

I bet there is no coming back from that one. Shame on them for whatever they did.

16. This isn't petty at all...not even a little bit.

Reddit | Whitlow14

I know that being neighbors doesn't mean that you have to be friends, but you could at least not be jerk, I feel like it isn't that hard.

17. So, imagine being close enough with your neighbors that you engage in idle chitchat enough for them to know what you did last weekend.

Reddit | mynameizbrian

Now, imagine they were the worst neighbors ever and did this after you saw It.

18. This cat looks like she is expecting to be brought inside of this home, but everyone knows that she doesn't live there.

Reddit | grundleguy

There is so much sass behind those eyes.

19. Money makes everyone weird, ya know? 

Reddit | dreampopper

So I guess when there needed to be a monetary exchange between these two neighbors, one of them thought it would wise to pay only in pennies.

20. I'm sure there is a huge, dramatic story here where both sides think they're going to be right.

Reddit | mshelbz

I've found that there's usually no winning in these sorts of situations.

21. I wonder how this person really feels about our youth culture these days. 

Reddit | picklejewce

Not great is going to be my guess, and it looks like they aren't afraid to show it.

22. I've got half a mind to think this is low-key genius. 

Reddit | Adg1560

However, there's a part of me that is super petty and lame and would do everything I could to make this person miserable.

23. I guess there were some disagreements about where the property line was...

Reddit | ArtOfBmx

Honestly, I don't think either of these people are winners. They both just look like the worst to me.

Well, I suddenly love my neighbors, what about you?


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