16 Pics Raising Questions That We Don't Need Answers To

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Some photos are so powerful, so thought-provoking and moving, that we never forget them.

The following photos are not them. They'll definitely provoke thoughts, but they'll be thoughts you didn't want or need to have. Nonetheless, please enjoy.

1. Why would anyone think this Mother's Day gift is "perfect"?

Reddit | marathon

"Most moms play Mozart to their babies to help their brains develop... We just blasted a whole lot of Evanescence, and now here we are!"

2. Are these old ladies shower-capped minions to some kind of water goddess and her children? Or are they just living a super trendy spa lifestyle that I won't get to experience until my senior years?

Reddit | FatCaf

If it's the latter, then wowza — I cannot wait for upper middle class retirement!

3. Why is this one small step with a banana in it for man, but a giant leap backwards for mankind?

Reddit | guyrobs

Personally, I liked it when people just slipped on banana peels. This way feels like way too much effort and not even as slippery.

4. How come sheep at night with the flash on are scarier than any horror film ever made?

Reddit | GhostZOsu

This photo was taken mere moments after our alien overlords flicked an "activate sheep" switch.

5. Why did someone trying to get in shape think a brick wall would be good motivation?

Reddit | Morbanth

Seriously. Who did this? Probably someone who loves the camaraderie of locking up their bike, but hates having to ride it to other places.

6. Spotted at a sushi restaurant in Canada. 

Reddit | Tha_Legend

I guess it's true what they say about Canadians: they're super nice and respectful, especially when it comes to the environment — they don't waste a single thing! Just don't ask what's in the miso soup.

7. What do I drink when I'm super thirsty, but also craving clam? About 414 mL of it, specifically?

Reddit | Drewschi8719

The second anything is in quotation marks it becomes super sketchy. Juice? Fine. But "Juice"? Abort mission, immediately!

8. Is this like the car equivalent of Wife Swap, but because cars don't have wives, they just swap car parts?

Reddit | Xinpeng

If a car wore jeans, would it wear them like A or B?

9. I just don't get this...at all. 

Reddit | Batman120902

Don't you just love places that want to be inclusive of disabilities and impairments, but also are prepared to do a terrible job of it? Oh, you don't? Me neither.

10. Is this what Colonel Sanders' worst nightmare looks like?

Reddit | winter_twilight

I think this is what my worst nightmare looks like, too. Mostly the dog — I hate it when very good boys break the rules.

11. Why is this cheetah having such an intense reaction to its own kind?

Reddit | Reddit

Like...that cheetah knows Cheetos don't actually have cheetahs in them, right? Your species was not harmed in the making of those snacks, sweet cheetah.

12. Who's the demon in the car? And how does he change gears, turn the steering wheel, open and close the door, and literally do anything car related at all?


Those are some tentacles I don't wanna touch.

13. If you thought you were having a bad day, whoever these jeans belong to had it worse. 

Reddit | Reddit

A burn hole right in the crotch? I don't even wanna know what happened after that fire started.

14. What magical snow fairies are performing this sorcery?

Reddit | Jkakgaming

Is this ice going to grow into a full car and then be driven around by a snowman? Now that's a movie I'd like to watch!

15. Did Pikachu eat something terrible today, or have I just never noticed his weird tongue before?

Reddit | Intrepidcherokee

Also why are you on the subway? Get into your Poké Ball, Ash is probably worried sick!

16. Found at somebody's local Walmart. 

Reddit | thegameplayerguy

Apparently, this thing is an assquatch — aka a taxidermy deer butt. And while that solved the question of what, what I don't wanna know is who the heck is gonna buy that and why.

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