19 Genius Plastic Wrap Hacks To Try With Your Next Roll

Diply 21 May 2018

I'd be willing to bet that you have a roll of plastic wrap somewhere in your kitchen.

It's one of those things that we keep ready to use whenever we need it, but if you're like me, sometimes a lot of time goes by between uses. I usually only think of using plastic wrap to cover food, but I'm more likely to get out a reusable container instead.

It turns out, however, that plastic wrap can do much more than just cover leftovers.

1. Wrap plastic wrap around the tops of your bananas to keep them fresh longer.

NatureBox | NatureBox

It's always hard to find that sweet spot between green bananas and those riddled with brown spots, but the plastic wrap will slow the ripening process.

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2. A quick hack with plastic wrap can get you the perfect marbled mani.

Birchbox | Birchbox

Paint all your nails with the base color (gray here). Then, one nail at a time, quickly paint your second color and immediately dab at the nail with crumpled plastic wrap. The plastic will pull up the wet nail polish, creating a marbled look.

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3. When you're planting new seeds, cover the pot with plastic wrap.

Fine Gardening | Fine Gardening

The cover will keep the moisture level of the soil more consistent, though you still need to check the seedlings daily.

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4. Cover the tops of your bottles with plastic wrap whenever you travel.

Map Happy | Map Happy

By screwing the top over a screen of plastic wrap, you get an extra layer of protection to avoid cleaning shampoo or face wash off all your holiday clothes.

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5. Keep your jewelry from tangling by wrapping it up with plastic wrap and folding.

Mom Spark | Mom Spark

The press-and-seal options work great to keep necklaces' shapes, but plain plastic wrap works well, too.

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6. A little bit of scrunched-up plastic wrap can give you a gorgeous effect on your DIYs.

Simply Simple Stamping | Simply Simple Stamping

This hack is similar to the marbled manicure, but it works a little differently. Instead of pulling up the color, this time we're dabbing it on. First, crumple up the plastic wrap and dip it in the ink or paint.

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Then dab the plastic wrap on the surface for a gorgeous marbled effect.

Simply Simple Stamping | Simply Simple Stamping

This coaster was covered with two different colors of alcohol ink for that final look, with all painting done with plastic wrap.

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7. Make your own shield for your stand mixer to stop ingredients like powdered sugar from coating your kitchen.

House of Annie | House of Annie

Not every mixer comes with its own shield, and the plastic wrap will fully cover the bowl, causing ingredients that fly up to fall right back in. Plus, you don't have to wash it.

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8. Press plastic wrap against your ice cream before putting it back in the freezer.

Julie's Pantry | Julie's Pantry

The plastic wrap will protect the ice cream from freezer burn as it seals off the cold air. Thank goodness! Those crystals drive me crazy when all I want is sweet, creamy dessert.

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9. A quick twist of plastic wrap means that you don't have to wash your piping bag. 

Our Best Bites | Our Best Bites

Put some frosting on a flat sheet of plastic wrap, and then twist up the ends.

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Feed one end through your piping bag and then snip it off to use the piping bag as usual.

Our Best Bites | Our Best Bites

The plastic wrap works as another contained bag, meaning you won't have to scrub sticky frosting at the end of decorating your cupcakes. Absolutely genius!

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10. When you're feeling super lazy, plastic wrap your plates so that you don't have to wash them later. 

Reddit | ToeFungus

While I don't suggest you do this all the time, if you're feeling extra lazy and want to avoid doing dishes, do what you've gotta do!

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11. If you're suffering from blisters or new calluses, some plastic wrap around the handles of utensils or garden tools can really help.

Amber Nicole | Amber Nicole

The plastic wrap gives you a gentler grip and can also help little ones hold on better when they're helping in the kitchen.

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12. Use cling wrap as a temporary screen protector.

JLA Music | JLA Music

You can use this trick for extra protection from the elements at the beach or to just keep your phone safer before you can get a new screen protector.

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13. If you're stuck with a clogged toilet and no plunger, plastic wrap can do the trick.

YouTube | As Seen on Social Media

Seal off the bowl with the plastic wrap and push down on the plastic as the toilet flushes. I wish I'd known this trick years ago!

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14. It may not be environmentally friendly, but using plastic wrap while moving sure is handy.

Valerie Write Now | Valerie Write Now

Cover your silverware tray so everything stays in its place, shrink wrap your drawers shut so they don't bang around in the moving truck, and wrap cords together so they don't get damaged.

When you're at your new home, you just cut the plastic wrap off without any damage to your items.

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15. If you've got some clumsy kids on your hands, you can use plastic wrap to help with spills.

Hative | Hative

It's basically more "grown up" than a sippy cup, but still saves your carpet from grape juice disaster.

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16. Wrap up your Christmas tree fully decorated so you don't have to worry about it again next year.

Cherry Blossom Interiors | Cherry Blossom Interiors

If it's a family tradition to decorate the tree, this might not work for you. But I'm with Karen from Cherry Blossom Interiors here!

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17. Plastic wrap around a tomato cage is a great way to make a greenhouse for your plants.

Don't Waste The Crumbs | Don't Waste The Crumbs

Tiffany at Don't Waste The Crumbs knows that some of our plant babies need a little extra help, and this is perfect for that!

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18. Help your freshly cut flowers last longer by wrapping the ends in plastic wrap.

Say Yes | Say Yes

Like the banana and plastic wrap hack above, this will help slow the flowers from dying! And since flowers are pretty expensive, this hack from Say Yes is genius!

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19. Don't bother taping every single surface in your house when you paint, use plastic wrap instead.

Family Handyman | Family Handyman

I wish I'd thought of this idea sooner! Family Handyman has even more ways to keep your home mess-free when painting.

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Turns out plastic wrap is actually pretty darn useful!

Giphy | Giphy

COMMENT to let us know which plastic wrap hacks you're going to be trying this week, and don't forget to SHARE!

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