16 Simple DIYs To Satisfy Your Inner Cat Lady

Diply 10 May 2018

Let's be honest here, our cats are our lives.

They keep us company, they cuddle (sometimes), and they entertain us with their feline ways.

Our kitties deserve the best from us, and what better way to show them you care than by making some awesome DIY projects for them?

Besides, you know your inner crazy cat lady wants your cats to have the best!

1. Litter boxes are a must, but they can be stinky. Here is one way to combat the smell. 

The Family Handyman | The Family Handyman

Using an old storage container to hold the litter box and cutting out a hole for an entryway is a great way to hide the ugliness of your cat's bathroom and contain the smell!

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2. Scratch posts can be ugly, but your fur baby needs to scratch something! 

YouTube | Cuteness

Making your own scratch post with sisal rope can let you customize the post to your taste. Matching it to your home's decor and avoiding a scratched couch? Yes, please and thank you!

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3. Okay, watching your cat go crazy over catnip is one of the most entertaining things to watch. 

Honest and Truly | Honest and Truly

You can find dried catnip at some pet stores, and then you can make your own DIY toy! Upcycle an old sock with some catnip and fluffy stuffing to make this tube of fun.

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4. Not only does this look really neat in a vintage kind of way, but your cats would love it! 

Home My Design | Home My Design

Taking an old suitcase and turning it into a bunk bed for your cats looks seriously cool. Forget the kids for a second, bunk beds for cats is clearly a necessity.

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5. Indoor cats don't always get to experience the great outdoor world, so bring some of it inside!

Momma Told Me | Momma Told Me

Simply make your kitty a real grass lounge so that they can roll around and smell the fresh grass. It'll be as if they are really outside.

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6. Kitties love to hide in dark places, so make yours their own personalized tent! 

YouTube | ErinsAnimals

Also, this DIY puts your old favorite tees to great use. You know your cat deserves their own tent to nap in.

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7. Kittens like to toss, chew, and pull on things. Make them a toy out of an old t-shirt for them to destroy! 

Muslin & Merlot | Muslin & Merlot

This is another great way to not only upcycle, but keep your cat entertained the way they should be. Tie one of these to a string and watch them have the time of their lives!

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8. We all know how much our fur babies like to nap. Like, all day. Ugh, I wish I had that life. 

Hymns & Verses | Hymns & Verses

You should make your cat a DIY window perch. This way, they can see the wonders of the outside world while relaxing.

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9. We all know how much cats like to climb, so make yours a climbing station in the house! 

Britta Swiderski Creative | Britta Swiderski Creative

Taking some single shelves and doing a zig-zag pattern up the wall is a great way to make something like this for your fave pet.

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10. Your fur baby is royalty in your life, so they should be eating out of a super fancy bowl setup. 

Almost Makes Perfect | Almost Makes Perfect

Simply make this with wood and a few nails. It'll look great if you paint it, too. Your cat probably acts like a prince or princess anyway, so feed them like one!

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11. Rather than worry about your kitty climbing up your curtains, make them their own climbing wall to have fun with!

IKEA Hackers | IKEA Hackers

Don't worry everyone, my cat is just hanging off the wall again. It's a normal thing.

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12. A very simple and cute toy DIY for your cat is to take string, a stick, and some ribbon to make this magical thing. 

Irresistible Pets | Irresistible Pets

It doesn't matter how you do it, it'll all work the same! Your cat will paw and bite at it until they pull it off the string.

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13. Again, your cat is royalty. They should dress as such. 

Instructables | Instructables

Making your cat a bowtie is perfect for Snapchat, Instagram, or even bringing them over to your family's house for a fancy dinner. Yes, the head of my table is my cat.

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14. Cats will play with anything, but they definitely love a challenge. 

The Glam Cat | The Glam Cat

Taking an old Tupperware container, cutting some holes, and filling it was some kitty food and other cat toys is a great activity for them. They won't stop until its all out!

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15. Here is another great way to bring some of the outdoors back inside for your kitty. 

The Happier Homemaker | The Happier Homemaker

Putting their water bowl into a custom-made planter will let them feel like they are drinking from a pond outside. A little cat grass makes this oasis extra special.

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16. If you're up for a real challenge, make your cat a DIY climbing station. 

FallinPets | FallinPets

This is a great a idea to reuse an old, small tree that may be near the end of its life. Your cat will appreciate it, too!

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