15 People Who Thought They Were Being Sneaky Sneaksters

You would think going undetected in public would be easy, but it actually takes more stealth than most of us can brag about.

At first glance, everything seems normal, but a closer look reveals that something is off.

These people weren't quite sly enough to blend in, but they gave it their best effort. Pulling off a sneaky heist is way harder than it looks, so we've gotta applaud them for trying.

1. Sneaking into movies is way more intense than I remember it.

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I remember doing this with snacks, but I can't ever say I hid an entire person in my sweater or pants. This is some next level sneaking.

2. This has to be the crazyiest photobomb ever.

Imgur | Sponey8911

He told his wife that he wanted his best friend in their engagement photo; that it would be discreet and no one would notice. Now she has to try and find Waldo in every single photo.

3. Professional thievery isn't in the cards for this kid. 

Reddit | Tmorals

I really hope this kid doesn't plan on orchestrating any major bank heists because he's not very good a hiding things. Case in point: the not-so-well concealed note book in his clothes.

4. Now is as good a time as any for a game of chess.

Reddit | PikoMain

Let's applaud these two sneaky sneaksters for actually managing to pull off this amusement ride prank. Though I must say, it's not looking good for the black player.

5. Excuse me, sir. I need to see some ID.

Reddit | krungchemistry21

This doggo disguised as a bouncer is the most fearsome doorman in town. He may be short, but his strength makes up for his height...and you better he double checks IDs.

6. Hmm, that name isn't fooling anyone. 

Imgur | Imgur

This book is a dead ringer for Twilight and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think Kerrelyn Sparks' days as a USA Today best selling author are numbered...

7. When they tell you to dress casual for the class photo. 

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The teacher had no way of knowing that this kid's natural look was wearing a rabbit onesie with shades on. He gives the Trix Rabbit a run for his money.

8. A stubbed toe isn't stopping her from living her best life. 

Reddit | wakingupthesun

This is the struggle of every girl during sandal season...but not this gal. I'm sure her painted on toe nail fooled at least one person.

9. He thought no one would notice his change in transportation. 

Imgur | Imgur

The saying, "ride together, die together" has never been more true. He definitely isn't letting retirement stop him from riding with the gang. If this isn't #SquadGoals, I don't know what is.

10. At least he has the sheep fooled.

Reddit | GrandMasterSubZero

His parents told him he could be anything when he grew up, and while he liked being a dog, in his heart he knew he always wanted to be a lamb.

11. Oh no big deal, just UPS succeeding at being inconspicuous.

Reddit | cryptogram

This is the most well hidden UPS delivery we've ever seen. The strategically placed carpet over top of the giant tires is totally distracting. No thievery will be happening here, folks.

12. That's one way to stop traffic.

Twitter | @CurtFletcher

"Yes, officer I'd like to report a disturbance on the street." "What seems to be the problem?" "There's a man dressed as a tree standing in the middle of the cross walk."

13. Just act natural. No one will notice.

Reddit | m0rris0n_hotel

Now here is one kid who is dedicated to his after-school curricular activity. He forgot his instrument, but went on marching with the band anyways. The show must go on!

14. This tiny tot is the queen bee. 

Reddit | break_me_down

This baby may look super cute, but don't let her fool you. Turn your back for a second and suddenly she's forming an army of zombie babies and getting up to no good.

15. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Reddit | plasticroyal

His friend was suppose to walk by at exactly 12:30 pm, and he was going to pop out and scare him...but the friend never showed up...and it was too late to go back.

While none of these people succeeded in blending in, I give them an A for effort.

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These are some of the weirdest attempts at being stealth that I've ever seen.