16 People Whose Luck Came Outta Nowhere

You never know when your ship is going to come in, and all you can do is hope you're near the water when it finally does. Ride the wave when the good breaks come, and buy those lottery tickets, because luck is real — and it's just waiting for the chance to tap you on the shoulder.

1. Technically, it's still just one fry for you calorie counters

Reddit | Technenaut

You should have seen the potato it came from! This fortunate student is on the hunt for some ketchup after his school cafeteria gave him the mother of all french fries.

2. Here's hoping they have better luck than Geraldo Rivera

Reddit | PrimalNumber

We're not sure what's inside this locked safe uncovered during home renovations but it has to be better than the humiliating squadoosh Rivera "discovered" in Al Capone's empty vault on live TV.

3. Of all the weddings in all the towns in all the world

Reddit | drebler

Two strangers encountered their doppelgänger at a random wedding and they were dressed the same, including the glasses and black bow tie. What are the odds? Off. The. Charts.

4. It's like being famous — without the money or prestige

Reddit | mizzroberts

It's not a bobblehead, but having your own action figure is pretty amazing. This guy can now get business cards describing himself as a bona fide fashionista.

5. Throw a fern in the trunk and, voila, spare tire!

Reddit | Musickitten

This might not be an electric vehicle, but it definitely checks off the environmentally friendly box with these bush tires. You don't get much greener than that.

6. All the peanuts you can eat — and leg room, too

Reddit | shadybaby22

This lucky traveler had an airplane all to herself when she was put on a flight just meant to shuttle crew members.

7. Who says no one likes to read newspapers anymore?

Reddit | PlanetGG

Not the lucky guy who is saving money on wrapping paper. They might even be able to save journalism if they printed all the pages like this.

8. Video games sure beat awkward small talk

Reddit | okdiv

This blessed Uber passenger was elated to be able to pass the time playing games en route to their destination. Don't forget to tip the driver!

9. This cat with thumbs can now help around the house

Reddit | Bigfoot22

The owner of this evolved cat now has some help with the chores. Painting. Sweeping. Answering the phone. This feline can now earn its keep.

10. I had some dreams — they were clouds in my coffee

Reddit | Tacec

This lucky coffee drinker was gobsmacked to look down and see Snoopy sitting on his dog house beneath a pale moon. You can't unsee it.

11. Even Agent Smith needs to sleep every now and again

Reddit | thrashbandit

This photographer was lucky to catch Neo's nemesis from The Matrix napping sans shades during this crowded commute. Hopefully he made his escape before these guys woke up.

12. Two dog toys for the price of one

Reddit | jpellizzi

This pet owner was ecstatic to learn that his dog didn't destroy his cactus toy. Instead, he revealed the sad avocado that had been living inside.

13. Sweet revenge for all those times you've been denied

Reddit | rbards

Karma finally caught up to this vending machine, which is paying out like a slot machine for all those snacks caught up on all those rings over all those frustrating years. Hope you're hungry.

14. The more you erase, the more you create

Reddit | Maxiscoolerthanyou

Mistakes made modern art for this lucky soul whose eraser was transformed into a vibrant canvas featuring "birds in front of a row of trees."

15. I can't see the difference, can you see the difference?

Reddit | jnlsn

This art connoisseur found his doppelgänger in a 1572 painting hanging in a gallery — and now he won't rest until he finds and marries the spitting image of the Mona Lisa.

16. Just how many layers does this onion have?

Reddit | mirrorballz

A spin through the washing machine destroyed the handle on this potato masher, only to reveal another one beneath! It's like the octopus of kitchen utensils.