24 Naughty Ideas That Should Send People To Detention

Diply 15 May 2018

I know it was a while ago, but I feel like we usually got detention as kids for kinda petty reasons. I remember more than one occasion where my friend would somehow stealth his way into asking me for the answer to a full essay question, but I'd be the one who got in trouble for answering it.

I think our teachers needed to see the kind of behavior these dastardly rascals got up to before they decided who had to stay inside for recess.

1. Apparently, one of the cards for these things says, "Everyone needs a little sparkle, and who doesn’t love a baby head?”

Reddit | Ilovedietmountaindew

And sure, some people love baby heads. They just usually prefer when they're attached to some kind of body.

No matter how sparkly, this ain't right.

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2. I don't care how they managed to do it or whether the driver was in on it or not. Trapping a horse on a bus is just mean.

Reddit | wibby16

Would we take the smelly thing if we could run wild and free as quickly as they do?


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3. Well, it may be a little better than pulling on her pigtails, but you can't say I didn't warn the homie if one of these ends up in her mouth.

me.me | me.me

I imagine it's like getting a hair in your mouth times 20. Enjoy the doghouse...

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4. Yeah, unless the restaurant they're going to is called the Moon Rainbow Peace Garden or something, the dad got his troll on here.

Instagram | @kalesalad

It's not even like he just grabbed the first three pieces he could find, either. It matches too well. This was calculated.

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5. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but this holder only works if you put another, less gross container in it first.

Reddit | whoismilan

If you think dirt adds an earthy flavor, that's your business, but don't come crying when your stomach revolts.

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6. When are people going to learn that throwing pizzas on tall things only leaves everyone involved filled with frustration and regret?

Instagram | @streetcatto

Did we learn nothing from Breaking Bad? Not even a pineapple pizza deserves this kind of disrespectful treatment. And neither do your taste buds.

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7. Not only should whoever made this go to detention, but I volunteer to send myself there for even showing it to you. 

Reddit | milixo

It's just as well. If I'm gonna be stuck with this monstrosity's creator, I have...a lot of questions for them.

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8. Uh-oh, somebody obviously forgot that bus windows open and now we've got this...interesting image on our hands.

Reddit | @DJsupaman

They don't get a full detention because they made the kid look like he's OK with this, but they're on thin ice. Shape up, scamps.

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9. OK, that's quite enough of this nonsense. Red Bull doesn't give this thing energy or wings, it just shorts it out.

Instagram | @streetcatto

And what were they gonna do with a flying power bar anyway? They'd have to catch it to plug anything in!

These kids today...

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10. I hate to argue, but this cereal is in no way an excellent contribution to a food drive.

Reddit | Jooseee

Unless whoever donated this actually hopped in the phone booth and got a fresh box from 30 years ago, it's gonna cause more problems than it solves.

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11. Apparently, someone actually uses this tap to brush their teeth.

Reddit | deco23

And while that's actually kind of impressive, the lack of a sink is really making me take some points off. I'll even accept substituting a plastic bin over whatever sorcery they're actually using.

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12. Clogging the toilet with too much toilet paper is one thing, but there ain't no job big enough to make this thing necessary.

Reddit | joshg_yz250

At least it wouldn't be too difficult to take out, even if that means unearthing the unholy mess it's covering up.

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13. Yeah, this unjust situation needs to be rectified immediately.

Instagram | @will_ent

Every, happy, frolicking retriever is just another needle in that poor bulldog's heart. Do the right thing, wet suit man.

This does not look like a high school, so the cliquey stuff is not allowed.

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14. I don't know why either, but somebody decided it would be a fantastic idea to drive with their cat on the roof.

Reddit | hey_suburbia

It probably won't get hurt, but that's still messed up. Besides, birds crapping on a car is nothing compared to what's gonna happen here.

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15. I don't know how bacon hurt whoever did this, but it's not fair to take their frustration out on the rest of us.

Reddit | Knonkels

It's a dark day when a whole package of the stuff might get you just enough meat to sprinkle over your Caesar salad.

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16. Anyone who does this after they promise to save someone the last slice is pretty much resigning themselves to a life of not being trusted.

Instagram | @streetcatto

I know it hurts to have every statement treated like it's Opposite Day, but it's fair punishment for this shameful behavior.

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17. Look, fun is fun, but hitting me with something like this in my moment of need is just sadistic.

Reddit | shirophine

Not to mention the horrors that anybody stuck in the splash zone is at risk of facing. Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

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18. Yikes! I don't know if the person who wrecked the wheel is the same one who stole the seat, but everything about this is shockingly cruel.

Reddit | Redwalrus18000

Anyone expecting me to approve of this needs to leave a detailed note explaining what the other person did to deserve it.

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19. This isn't as bad as bike mangling or urinal raising, but I'm still rolling my eyes at it.

Reddit | bacardilimon999

I'm just saying that this little photo shoot means these people just forfeited their right to complain about the food being cold.

After all, nobody goes with the first picture.

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20. Ryan Reynolds is a gentleman for trying to hide his pain here, but come on. Don't remind the poor guy of this atrocity.

Reddit | KoryPaul

I mean, there was a time when he thought that was his only shot at playing Deadpool. Nobody wants to relive that hopelessness.

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21. I have no idea what this is, but I know it's not allowed. Like, not anywhere.

Reddit | OmNomBunnies

Now that we know it exists, every store should put a sign on their front door that clearly indicates this thing isn't allowed to enter. And maybe a sign on their back door, too, just to be safe.

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22. Look, we're not just stopping bad behavior just to be mean. Sometimes, we're doing it for people's own safety.

Reddit | realvamp27

Ladders are a lot like dominoes. The more of them you try to put together, the more likely everything's gonna come tumbling down.

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23. Fun is fun, but I can't condone messing with people who are trying to charge their stuff at the airport.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Look at those tears. Those are the rips that only come from the unholy union of betrayal and boredom.

As if the delays and overpriced food weren't bad enough.

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24. I'm not sure even Jigsaw would be sadistic enough to invent this game, which I guess we'll call Hide the Toilet Paper.

Reddit | somnolentreptincel

Like, even if you know it's there, it still looks pretty hard to reach. To whoever put this together, who hurt you?

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