16 People Who Clearly Don't Give A Crap What You Think

Diply 19 Mar 2018

I grew up as a teenager in the grunge era, so I know a thing or two about not giving a crap. Even today I bought a pair of jeans with holes already in them, just to show everyone how much I don't give a crap about my clothing or doing physical activity. But I wasn't the only one who grew up in the grunge era — here are 16 other people who clearly don't give a crap what you think. Enjoy! Or don't... I don't give a crap.

1. Um, I have a feeling they lied on their resume about all that previous experience.

Reddit | ptruez

I really want to tell this person that they're doing it wrong, but honestly, they have me second guessing how I detail my own car.

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2. Listen... The pylon walls are not just a suggestion wall, alright?

Reddit | Zanzibear

We all hate the trails and tribulations of traffic and construction, I know. But when you roll out in a little sedan, that means no fun off-road shortcuts for you.

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3. Don't tell me how to open milk cartons!

Reddit | jnjku

I've silently sat there watching my buddy struggle to open milk because he refused to do it the way the manufacturer says to do it.

Everyone fights the man their own way, I guess.

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4. Who is the big brother, and who is the little sister?

Reddit | LustThyNeighbor

As a big brother, one of the little joys in life is squishing your little sister. The weird thing is, she's just happy to be sharing with her big brother.

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5. When he realizes he just lost the $50 bet.

Reddit | Cacanot

We all know this ends with a text to his bro who owns a truck, but he has to try one more time — this time with the couch legs off!

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6. Being a bachelor is a different kind of lifestyle.

Reddit | jordaninvictus

This guy changed the TP like an adult, but didn't feel like recycling the TP roll at that point in time like an adult.

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7. They say commercials don't brainwash you, but check out Exhibit A here.

Reddit | conner24

When you drive a Chevy Tahoe, I'm pretty sure you're contractually obligated to park your car on top of rocky inclines or small cars at all times. That's what YouTube ads tell me, anyway.

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8. Your children are secretly super villains in training. Don't trust them when they ask to bury you at the beach.

Reddit | FrenchAvocadoo

All the superhero movies you took your children to, thinking they are learning positive morals... Turns out they secretly where rooting for the villains the entire time. Hail Hydra!

Maybe this guy doesn't give a crap either, though.

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9. Nothing is going to ruin the weekend with the crew.

Reddit | Kolsefur

For months, they planned this getaway trip with their crew. They're on the greens, crushing it left, right, and center. There's no way a little fire is cutting this trip short, even if Clifford is a little worried!

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10. Pizza delivered in 60 seconds or it's free. Just try and stop him.

Reddit | Sir_Wheat_Thins

While you're in your Honda Civic only delivering three pizzas an hour, this delivery guy is out there hustling, delivering 12 pizzas an hour and rolling deep in all that tip money!

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11. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Reddit | Spmckenz

I like how these two want to live their life: wild and free. But if I was in this theater, I'd at least ask them to turn off their phone. Maybe I do give a crap after all...

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12. In the '60s, parents didn't really know how to adult, but I guess they didn't give a crap, either.

Reddit | argmannen

I grew up in the '80s and even then I thought it was the wild west. I should be lucky my parents even made it out of the '60s alive!

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13. I don't think that's a bath bomb.

IMGUR | 420GIazeit

I hate to break it you, but you might have too many weapons if you need to keep your spare in the shower next to the body wash and exfoliating bath sponge.

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14. Sometimes you gotta fake it to make it.

Reddit | -Junk

I get it — I've woken up late for class and grabbed what I needed to get through the day. And yeah, I've also had to play it cool when I brought the wrong book to the open book exam.

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15. The classic stretch-and-sleep routine!

Reddit | broseidon31

I respect the stretch-out game on this fella. Assert area dominance, then feign a nap. Because we all know: no one disrupts a sleeping person on the bus...ever!

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16. There's more than 101 ways to use plastic wrap if you don't give a crap.

Reddit | ohsureyoudo

I've seen the commercials for this stuff, keeping soup inside a bowl when it falls on the ground. So if it can keep liquids in, it obviously can keep liquids out, amirite?

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