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Chris Pratt Posted A Bizarre Political Poem

Chris Pratt is no stranger to political controversy, like the time he wore a t-shirt with a controversial "Don't tread on me" slogan. This time it wasn't something he wore, but something he tweeted that stirred up some trouble for him online.

He shared a poem with this image attached.

Instagram | @prattprattpratt

"Dropping a hot new poem I found," he wrote and then the poem about how the media treats politics began.

"DING-DONGS / Ding to the left. / Dong to the right. / The reverberations swell. / Ding dong! Ding dong! / They clang the outrage bell."

"Ding dongs on the far right fringes / Squeaking mad like rusty hinges."

Instagram | @prattprattpratt

"Ding dongs from the far left squad / Fixed on answers outside God. / The media plays them like a fiddle / Drowning out the healthy middle. / Pick your tribe. State your name / DISREGARD: WE’RE ALL THE SAME!"

The poem also suggests technology is a burden in this political climate.

Instagram | @prattprattpratt

"There’s a rhythm to this madness / If you take a sec to look / One option is unplug / Put down your phone / pick up a book," it says.

The poem calls for unity under God, which isn't surprising as Pratt is an outspoken Christian.

Instagram | @prattprattpratt

"We’re His children despite race, creed, preference or age. / Under God we’re indivisible. / To stay United is our duty," the poem ends. You can read the full poem on Instagram if you're so inclined.

People on Twitter are not here for this poetry.

Twitter | @buckyrcmvnoff

Some of the reactions ranged from baffled to angry. One twitter user wrote, "How does this man have such boomer energy?"

Some fans critiqued the message of the poem.

Twitter | @danielnoahperea

Some people think the centrist ideas of the poem were flawed and that it felt like more a superiority brag than anything else.

Some people found fundamental flaws with the ideas.

Twitter | @Rschooley

Other people found criticism in the line about the Left looking for answers away from God, saying that "you don't need to be religious to have morals, compassion, and kindness."

There were some supporters, though.

Some people found Pratt's message inspiring and necessary, including fellow Avengers star Josh Brolin, who commented on Instagram saying, "This is amazing."