24 Incredibly Annoying Movie Clichés That Never Happen In Real Life

Diply 10 Apr 2018

It's no secret that movies in Hollywood are packed full of clichés that almost never happen in real life. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of putting up with them, and I think it's time we rally together and put a stop to this madness — what do you say?

1. The dramatic declaration of love.

ellopiageenos | ellopiageenos

Typically, it's a man proclaiming his love for a woman. He'll pipe off some romantic speech about how he can't live without her, and she's the only thing he needs in life — you know the bit.

And the woman ALWAYS runs in for a kiss!

Maybe I'm just jealous, but this has never, ever happened to me in real life.

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2. A pregnant woman's water breaks and "THE BABY IS COMING NOW."

YouTube | Movieclips

No, 98% of the time, that's not how babies are born. That's not how labor and delivery work.

I get movies don't have the time to show what it's like to labor for 38 hours, but at least try to make it look realistic.

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3. Hanging up the phone without saying goodbye.


This is just rude, is it not? Even if I'm in a rush and suddenly need to hang up, I at least quickly shout, "IGottaGoBye!" before hanging up.I mean, it's just common courtesy.

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4. There's a big breakfast set up, but the husband/wife/kid takes one bite and runs out the door.

Me.me | Me.me

First of all, if I went through the effort of cooking that much food, you can bet people will sit down and eat it.

And there's no way I'd let a plate of pancakes go to waste, even if I was in a hurry.

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5. If it's snowing, it's always gently falling in big, fluffy flakes.

Las cosas que hemos visto… | Las cosas que hemos visto…

In reality, chances are that if it's snowing out, it's going to be flying in your face in the most painful, tiny flakes that sting your skin.

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6. The same thing goes with rain. It's always falling straight down.


Meanwhile, I'm constantly praying that my umbrella doesn't flip inside out as the wind whips the rain around so hard, I don't even know what direction it's falling in anymore.

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7. "In English, please."

Twitter | @iatemuggles

You can catch this phrase (or some form of it) anytime a "nerd" character says something remotely intelligent to a character who's playing more of the "average Joe."

TV shows do this a lot, too. Looking at you, Big Bang Theory.

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8. Computer hacking is hilariously inaccurate.

YouTube | Rohendra varma

Usually, it shows someone furiously typing away in the dark, never using their mouse, and 30 seconds later they shout, "We're in!"

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

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9. A movie isn't going to make it in Hollywood if it doesn't have a love interest, even if it's so painfully unnecessary and shoehorned in.

Homes on the net | Homes on the net

Thankfully, real life doesn't work like this. Women and men can get things accomplished and be total superheroes without falling in love.

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10. "I didn't sign up for this."

YouTube | Mabus Winnfield

This line is usually said by a police officer, who, in fact, did sign up for this.

Taking care of the drama that's about to go down? Yeah, this is your job, so buckle up.

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11. "I'll pick you up at eight."

Twitter | @JazminCunha

This line, often said in movies, drives me absolutely insane. This is not good planning.

How does he know where she lives? Where are they going? What's the dress attire? Oh, and 8 p.m. is really late for dinner!

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12. CPR in movies is dangerously inaccurate.


Most of the time, people performing CPR are doing such a horrible job, and it can lead to some serious misunderstandings in real life emergencies.So please, just take a CPR class and don't rely on what you see in the movies to get the job done.

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13. Gas is always endless whenever there's a car chase.  

YouTube | Sony Pictures Entertainment

These cars must be solar-powered because there is no way that anyone can just hop into a car, and always be okay for fuel. Somehow I always need gas, even if I've just filled up.

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14. When an animal is licking someone's face as they sleep, and they think they're being kissed by a beautiful woman.


If you're feeling the sensation of being licked and you are under the impression that it's actually a stunning stranger, why on earth would they be licking your face?!

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15. Movies apparently don't require anyone to wait for a cab, because they always just show up. 

YouTube | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Have these people called ahead of time whenever a taxi is required? That is the only explanation I can think of.

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16. Women being able to walk/run for hours on end in heels.


If I can't last in heels for an entire night just sitting, then how are these women able to make it through these situations without kicking them off in a fit of rage?

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17. The television always happens to bet set to the exact channel with the exact news story playing right when someone turns the TV on. 

YouTube | Paramount Pictures

The only way this would be realistic IRL is if someone found a video online, and then hit play for that specific story.

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18. When someone is freaking out, someone else slaps them to calm them down. 

Giphy | Giphy

This would really only make things worse for me. Not only am I upset about something, but now I'm in pain and will immediately start getting mad about that.

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19. Apparently, every bartender remembers exactly what drink each customer is having at any given point.


If I were to tap the bar, I seriously wouldn't expect to be handed the same drink I was drinking without being asked what I wanted.

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20. Performers can easily pick out a loved one in a massive crowd with lights glaring on them and everything.

YouTube | take-me-to-nolan-ross

You can barely hear yourself during a concert, so what makes you think the performer is going to be able to hear and see one single person in a crowd?

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21. Crawling through air ducts.

Movie Pilot | Movie Pilot

This one is kind of amusing, because there's no way you'd ever be able to fit in there and be able to navigate through an entire building at the same time.

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22. Magical L-shaped bed sheets that just so happen to cover women's breasts in bed.

The Movie Scene | The Movie Scene

Meanwhile, the man's chest is completely exposed.

Where do people buy these sheets? They seem pretty cool.

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23. Movies that are set at least 100+ years ago seem to feature characters with shockingly perfect teeth.

Variety | Variety

I mean, I have decent dental coverage and my teeth aren't even that great. I wonder what their secret is.

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24. When characters drive and the steering wheel is moving all over the place.


They could be headed down the straightest road in history, but you can bet that the wheel is going to be moving from side to side. That's not how you drive!Which movie cliché drives you crazy? COMMENT and let us know!

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