16 Brilliant Tech Hacks For The Next Time You Travel

Nowadays, our smart phones are an integral tool to get around, especially when we're traveling.

Most of us can't even go a week in our own city without using our phones to guide us, let alone in a foreign country.

So, before you head out on your next adventure, make sure you're using your phone to its full potential with these stupidly simple tech hacks.

Prepare to graduate from lost tourist to knowledgeable travel guru in no time at all.

1. Cloud storage is the answer for keeping memories safe, even if your device breaks, is lost, or stolen.

Instagram | @breemanahan

Remember when a lost camera meant no photos? Well, we live in the future — that was then and Cloud Storage is now! Never lose a photo again.

2. Protect your identity when using public networks with this simple trick.

Instagram | @stroudartist

Basically, every internet connection you use when you travel is public, which can increase your chances of identity theft. Use a hotspot shield to block haters from seeing what you're doing.

3. Access Google Maps offline so that you're never lost, even in a dead zone.

YouTube | learn share

Most people don't realize that you can save maps to be used offline. Click on the three bars at the top, and go to "Offline Maps" to add one. You're welcome!

4. Don't be fooled by this evil trick. 

Imgur | Imgur

While I am actually LOLing, I'd never want to be swindled by this prank. Come prepared when there's a lack of outlets, and charge multiple devices at once by getting a mini power strip.

5. Invest in a bag that's optimized for your tech accessories.

Poppy And Peonies | Poppy And Peonies

This Poppy & Peonies backpack comes fully loaded with plenty of pockets and compartments for your laptop and more, making it easy to fly through security! Not to mention, it has a special strap to attach to rolling luggage.

7. Make use of the Facebook app and find free wifi. 

YouTube | VideoWaliSarkar

Just open the app, and tap the three horizontal lines button (bottom right corner for iOS or upper right for Android). Under "Explore," click "Find Wi-Fi," and voila! The world is yours!

8. Create an AirDrop album to seamlessly share photos when travelling with friends.

YouTube | Techboomers

No more fighting with friends over holding photos hostage. AirDrop will allow you to seamlessly share memories when travelling — no uploading or texting necessary.

9. A pen spring is a great way to protect your charger cords from splitting.

Instagram | @oriam19

When you're packing and unpacking many times, it's easy for cords to get damaged! A pen spring can protect it in its weaker spots. Protect yo' self before you wreck yo' self!

10. Scan important documents and email them to yourself, and keep a photo of each one on your phone.

Instagram | @weareinlove___

This goes for all the critical information, especially your passport! You can never be too careful, especially with pesky pickpockets around.

11. Check through security in a cinch with a gadget packing cheat sheet.

Instagram | @thecarlivh

Use a list like this one and go through checkpoints quicker than Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends using these handy packing tips.

12. Who needs first class when you've got a ziplock bag? 

Reddit | claireadelie

Okay, okay, I'll still take first class. But if you're not into the in-flight movies available, just pop your phone into a ziplock bag and you've got your own personalized theatre.

13. Use old gift cards to keep your cords tidy and tangle-free.

Instagram | @ryan.potratz

Is there anything worse than the war against tangles? Win the battle and use old gift cards to keep cords neat and tidy, especially if you have a ton of them to pack.

14. Charge your phone way faster by turning it on airplane mode.

YouTube | Hacks Plus

I ain't tellin' you no lies, this trick actually works! Airplane mode turns off everything wifi or network-related, so less power is being used.

15. Check whether your flight is on time or not with Google.

YouTube | Google Help

Is there anything Google can't do? Simply type your flight number into Google and the web browser will show the most up-to-date prediction in real time.

16. Turn your hotel's TV into a charger by using the USB outlet.

Imgur | Imgur

When times turn desperate and you forget your power square, the hotel TV is here to be your hero, baby. Most TVs have USB outlets, so plug it in!