8 People Who Had The Best Of Times And 8 People Who Did Not

Diply 13 Apr 2018

Life is not fair. Sucks, eh? But luckily, it usually balances itself out. And if it doesn't, that's where I come in! I'll be showing you both the best and the worst things so you don't lose all despair, but also so you don't get too excited. Smart, isn't it?

1. Online shopping is all good and fun, until you can't actually get what you ordered out of the mailbox 

Reddit | Joey12725

And I'd like to say that this is a one-time mistake, but alas, it is not. Because this is not my photo, and YET, it has happened to me far too many times. Come on, mail people, step it up.

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2. Tbh, I don't think I've ever thought twice about ice cubes when ordering a drink while out on the town because who does???

Reddit | Victoriously

But now that I've seen this little frozen fella, maybe I will. I mean, I probably won't, but yeah, gross.

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3. Everyone loves a good bargain, and the best bargain is clearly a nice little BOGO

Reddit | fubaryeezy

Yep, buy one, get one free. The best of the deals. And this fruit-lovin' friend got a tasty mini BOGO to add a little happiness to their day.

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4. Being at work isn't always the best thing. Having your wheel (yup, just one) stolen while at work is maybe the worst thing.

Reddit | GreenTheWicked

Besides being stuck, it's expensive. And overall just really annoying. Plus, why take just one wheel?

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5. Having Starbursts as a snack is amazing, and then opening it to see TWO PINK ONES?!

Reddit | InthegrOTTO87

My friend, you have just won the jackpot. The true peak of snack times everywhere.

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6. You have no choice but to have your day be made a billion times better if you come across this while driving

Reddit | @lumosob

Seriously, it's pure magic. The best bromance to ever exist.

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7. Behold: The miracle that is a giant frosted flake!

Reddit | Charwulzz

How majestic! Beautiful! Rare! And probably the sweetest thing you have ever laid upon your tastebuds in the morning.

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8. Portable shots seem like the coolest and smartest idea for any party animal

Reddit | HopeMyLifeGetsBetter

It truly is a genius idea. Another genius idea: Don't follow this person's dumb example of opening the shot while behind the wheel.

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9. I hate how cute this is, why can't I have cute things???

Instagram | @sinnerhoe

But what was babe going to do if the girl hated the ring? If she said "DAS UGLY AF," THEN WHAT, BABE?!

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10. Okay, it's bad because her eyes are closed and that sucks, BUT AMAZING BECAUSE IT IS HARRY

Instagram | @sinnerhoe

Just stop you're crying, it's a sign of the times.

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11. The latest no-carb fad: cardboard pizza

Reddit | CF_Gamebreaker

I kid, I kid. But it's easier to joke around in times of tragedy and hunger. Because somehow I feel this will not end okay.

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12. Ah, so this is what the dentists were trying to warn us about all these years

Reddit | guywithghostpowers

It started out with a bite, how did it end up like this?

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13. What's more lucky than finding a penny? Finding a rare penny, of course

Reddit | lemonmas

Heads and tails on both sides is pretty nifty, if you ask me.

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14. And this is why you always check the status of your toilet paper before you take a seat

Reddit | shudduh

The amount can be deceiving, and then you're out of luck, my friend.

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15. Few things are worse than leaving your window down on a rainy day

Reddit | klaxz1

But I guess it's better than leaving your windows down on a snowy day?

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16. Would not even blame him if he cried over this, because I know I would 

Reddit | bmartin1989

But on the plus side, maybe milk is really good for your skin?

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