16+ Bizarre Pics That Take Some Time To Sort Out

Have you ever been so tired that it feels like your brain is stumping itself? You can't make sense of a certain post, everything looks like an illusion?

Well, with the photos on this list, you get that same feeling without needing to exhaust yourself! Way less work for the same confusion, you're welcome.

"I swear there’s four of us."

All I'll say is that this is the best advertisement for hunting camouflage I've ever seen.

'Perspective makes this spider look massive."

Y'know, if the world ends via invasion by giant spiders, I'm alright with that. At least it's interesting!

"I swear my friend was in the boat but he somehow appears to be in the water..."

Maybe he just felt like jumping ship, for fun! A quick dip to cool off.

"Mist clearing almost vertically from the lake."

When you take the perfect picture, but it still looks like your finger is in front of the lens.

"Real life CatDog."

Except, unlike Catdog, neither of them look super jazzed about the situation.

"Just a guy wearing a hoodie."

Are you sure? Maybe the headless horseman left the horse at home for today.

"This chicken nugget that looks like a drumstick."

Looks more like a wing to me, but either way, I'd be nervous of biting right into a bone when I eat it.

"What an arm."

A normal girls' night out where you find out one friend is actually Elastigirl!

"That’s not a man walking, it’s a third dog."

You also could have told me the one in the back was a small donkey and I would have believed it.

"Just a tram grazing in the wild."

Like a beaver, trams need to gnaw on trees to keep their teeth short. If they don't, they'll keep growing.

"How is she...."

I don't quite know but I'm both impressed and scared by it.

"[Tired] after a walk."

Tired and hungry, he's trying to eat everything in sight, even that post!

"Batman in the mist is actually a horse with a blanket on."

Thank goodness for that, if it was Batman he looks pretty sad about something. I was going to ask him what was wrnog!

"Sunny in the middle of cloudy weather [...]."

Realistically, I know it's a reflection of the sky behind the cameraman. Wishfully, though, it's a mid-city portal to somewhere with nicer weather.

"Just my dog taking a nap."

Your dog losing corporeal form is a sign you should take them to the vet. Or to an exorcist, depending on if you think the symptom is medical or possession.

"Found this beautiful dogster (dog rooster)."

Thinking about a new alarm clock, but also want a friendly companion? Allow me to introduce you to the dogster!

"These boxes are stuck in the floor!"

Man, these graphics glitches are getting wild! Soon we'll be seeing layered textures clipping through our walls.

"My girl took a pic of me at a spa. It didn’t turn out as expected."

You're just optimized for more efficiency. That pesky torso with its stomach and heart and lungs, all gone! Now you go right from shoulder to hip.

"Heart-shaped cat."

This cat looks like a keeper of the garbage chair, for whom I must answer three riddles in order to sit down.

"The shadow on the stairs looks like another set of stairs."

It seems MC Esher has finally dabbled in working architecture, can't wait to see then not comprehend the rest of the house.

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