13+ People Who Learned From Their Mistakes

When you're a child, learning from the mistakes you make is one of the cornerstones of how we grow as people. Although, even as an adult, it is important to still try and learn from your mistakes.

And so, to shine a light on some of the funnier examples of these life lessons, please enjoy these 13+ people who learned form their mistakes!

A Cautionary Tale Of Writing Stupid Names On Form!

The regretful person who posted this wrote, "Throwback to the time I signed a 'funny' signature, and then the computer froze and I had to explain to the three employees that came to help that no, my name isn't Poop Mouth and no, I don't know why I wrote that, and please just take my money so I can go home and die."

"Just try to avoid getting fired..."

Sometimes all you can do is focus on the positives no matter how small they may be. Although, come on, it is a pretty cool hat, right?

"I walked out undressed (very briefly) this morning. Bless his heart, he was 100% professional and pretended he didn't see anything."

It is important to remember that you should never be naked in your home, in case there is a man on a high wire looking in through your window.

"Don't Catch Them All!"

How do you think that they decided which Pokemon would be each STD? What a strange sentence now that I read it back.

"I might poop in your shoes..."

Delightfully, one other person added, "I work in a swimming pool and I can safely say I could never have predicted the amount of poo people deposit about the place. In the sinks, on the floor, at the top of the flume. They poo EVERYWHERE."

Isn't that wonderful?

Real Talk...

And yet, no matter how many times I knock a beer over and think, "Urgh, I'll never do that again!" I always know that I will in fact do it again.

Good Move Keeping Their Names To Yourself!

I am always cautious when I go near a steamroller in case one of my enemies is lurking behind the wheel waiting to take me out. I just thought that was something that everyone did?

"I got a timed feeder for my cat to try to help him lose weight. He sleeps like this now."

Wow, with the empty wine bottle next to his head, I don't think that I have ever related more to an animal in my life.

"My local zoo gets it..."

"Dave, can you make sure we use this tiger to ensure we're six feet apart!"

"I'd feel a lot more comfortable if we used a stick...or literally anything less likely to eat me."

"Don't be such a baby!"

"My time has come."

I can imagine that this branch of Taco Bell will also now be hiring a replacement for whoever put this sign up!

"Problem solved!"

Shut up and take my money. How have I never thought of making one of these, instead opting to just fight with my cat all day until I bribe her with treats to leave me alone.

"Maybe I made his car a little too fast?"

It's the classic scenario, he's had one too many juice-boxes, gotten a little overexcited, and broken the speed limit while on the way to the store to get more juice-boxes.

"My son, the realist. Age 5. What a mood."

Before anyone starts feeling bad about their own handwriting based upon how neat this 5-year-old can write, the teacher wrote the response and the kid just wrote their name.

One Hell Of A Strong Knot!

"So, are we going to go out on the boat like you said?"

"Gee whizz, Dave, what do you think?!"


"This Moose Is Undefeated!"

This reads as though it was put up by someone who has challenged this moose to many fights, only to have been defeated each and every time.

Wise Words!

"So, did this happen to you Dave? Are you speaking from experience?"

"No, what makes you say that!"

"Well, you're covered in dog crap."

Bathroom Wall Philosophy!

I guess that you can't argue with this logic. Still, it is likely to get you in more trouble than it's worth as a lifestyle choice.

"I think I left a window open last night, not sure."

Still, it's a pretty cool room they've got there. This is also how cold I always imagine that my bed is every time I get into it.

"At least he left a note!"

Yeah, I think it would be best to just try and not think about this. Maybe check the trunk to make sure that there isn't anyone lurking in there though as well?

"Bought a new hatchet yesterday. Came downstairs to find this note on it this morning. I think my dad is trying to teach me something about putting things away..."

There is nothing quite like a smart ass father teaching their kids lessons through passive-aggressive notes!