15 Insanely Clever Hacks To Up Your Selfie Game On Instagram

Diply 17 Apr 2018

If you're looking for the perfect spot to post that bomb selfie you just took, there's no doubt that Instagram is going to be the first place you'll hit up.

But to make the most of that selfie, make sure you know the sneaky ins and outs of Instagram as well as some pretty clever hacks for taking that flawless selfie.

1. Filter your filters like a pro.

Instagram | Instagram

If you find that you never use filters like X-Pro II or Nashville (guilty), you can press and hold down on those filters to hide them so you'll never have to see them again!

It's a great way to keep your favorite filters on deck and ready for the next selfie.

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2. If the filters just aren't doing that selfie justice, you can always try switching over to edit mode and essentially create your own filter.

Instagram | Instagram

It lets you manually adjust the settings like the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, temperature, and more!

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3. If somebody tagged you in a less-than-flattering selfie, you can keep your account looking like a 10/10 and actually hide certain tagged images from appearing on your page.

Instagram | Instagram

Just tap the options menu (three dots in the upper right corner), hit "Photo Options," and select "Hide from My Profile" — if that's what you want to do!

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4. Instagram just stepped up their story filter game in a major way.

Instagram | @it_need_com

They added the "Focus" filter, and it takes that average-looking selfie to the next level.

Don't lie — we know all of the attention in the photo needs to be on you, not that distracting background.

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You've probably noticed that celebrities are suspiciously amazing at taking great selfies.

Instagram | @bellahadid

And that's because they use a ton of sneaky hacks to get the perfect photo (and millions of likes).

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5. Zendaya is well aware that natural lighting is everyone's best friend.

Instagram | @zendaya

It's a million times more flattering than any artificial lights, especially fluorescent ones. Try taking your selfie outside, or even next to a window to watch the magic happen.

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6. Keeping your hands busy is key in taking a good selfie.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

Kylie has one hand above her head, instead of awkwardly dangling both by her sides.

Keeping the photo fluid is going to attract a lot of attention!

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7. The duck lips trend is long gone, so put those bad boys away for your selfie.

Instagram | @jourdandunn

The "T-Rex hands" are the new way to go. When it comes to keeping your hands busy, try forming them into a "claw" shape and resting them against your face.

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8. Knowing your best side is important.

Instagram | @gigihadid

Everybody has a good side and a bad side, and celebrities are very aware of this.

Some even refuse to let red carpet photos be taken from their "bad" side. Find yours, and watch the difference it makes!

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9. If you're looking straight-on in the photo, be sure to tilt your chin ever-so-slightly downwards.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Look up at the camera, and watch how your face is suddenly elongated. It takes a bit to master without looking creepy, but keep trying!

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10. Thanks to Tyra Banks, we know it's really important that we master the art of the "smize."


Also known as smiling with your eyes, this technique can really change the outcome of your selfie (in a good way, we promise).

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11. It's no secret that the front-facing camera takes way better pictures.

Instagram | @kjapa

This is why everyone loves a good mirror selfie.

You can also try flipping your phone around and taking a picture that way, although not being able to see yourself makes taking the picture a bit harder.

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12. Sometimes, even just pressing down on the shutter button is enough to slightly blur your selfie.

Instagram | @blakelively

Try setting a three-second timer and taking the photo that way instead. It ensures that everything is going to be crystal clear!

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13. A lot of the time, when celebrities are smiling in photos, their tongues are sticking to the roofs of their mouths.

Instagram | @ladygaga

It helps create a sharp jawline and rids you of any potential double chins you don't want sneaking into your selfie.

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14. Standing up in your selfie is another great way to elongate your body and to perfect your posture.

Instagram | @bellathorne

The pose is also really important, and tilting your torso and hips backward is a great way to accentuate your best features.

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15. Keep your background simple.

Instagram | @madelame

This is important — you don't want anything distracting your followers from hitting that "like" button, right?

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