24 Pics That Made Us Go 'Whoa — WHOA!'

Some photos make you look twice in the best way possible, like walking past an attractive stranger. We've collected the best of the best, sure to shock and amaze. Animals are awesome, nature is crazy, and humans are incredible. These are our favorite optical illusions, coincidences, unique animals, works of creative humans, and stuff happening in nature.

1. Did you see the animals or the people first? 

Behance.net | Amol Jadhav and Pranav Bhide

Or did you not even realize there are both until we mentioned it

If you saw the animal silhouettes first, you probably like pets more than humans — and that's okay! If you saw the people first, you're welcome for blowing your mind.

2. This is a school, and whoever painted this was SO tired of telling kids to stop running

Reddit | 9999monkeys

The paint job is an optical illusion.

Have you ever hated saying the same thing over and over again so much that you created a masterful piece of art just to trick people?

3. This isn't a picture, it's a painting — and I'm way worse at drawing than I thought 

Reddit | spicedpumpkins

"What can you draw?"
"Stick figures and that cool S shape thing. What about you?"
"I can draw jellybeans so realistic that you'll try to eat them."

4. This married couple took the same photo at the same time years before they met

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

I'm pretty sure this could be the plot for a Disney movie. "This summer... Do you believe in fate?"

5. Be careful! You're going to break physics!

Reddit | seinsart

"Hey boss, I know I should be working, but look at this..."

I also tend to have my greatest moments of genius when I'm supposed to be working on something else!

6. This fish must be really shy and trying to hide 

Reddit | subtle_omega

I wish I had this fish's power so I could go transparent when I see somebody I don't want to talk to at a party.

7. Too many twos to total

Reddit | rastayjz

Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going. My question is how the heck did this guy figure this out? He was probably procrastinating from an important deadline.

8. Panthers have spots and everything I ever knew is a lie

Reddit | tkmj75

If you look at panthers with an infrared camera you can see their spots. Some of my friends with tattoos wish they could hide them like this around their parents.

9. This wasn't made by a human artist, it was made by bee artists

Reddit | Reddit

The blue-colored honey was created by bees who ate M&Ms out of a dumpster, and the bees involved went on to become famous bee artists who wear tiny berets.

10. What a beautiful garden—wait... What a beautiful table?

Reddit | mattcloudy

I feel fancy when I use a table cloth and matching plates. These people have a waterfall and a salad growing out of the place they serve salad.

11. A) What is that? B) I must have it

Reddit | randomfriendzone
  1. I called dibs so don't try to beat me to the punch!

This curly-haired cat is called a Selkirk Rex, what would you name yours? Poodles? Shaggy? Carpet-cat?

12. A great way to tricks kids into eating healthy

Reddit | itsduck0nquack

It's video game food! Packed with nutritious pixels, eating an 8-bit avocado will reward you plentiful health points to get a high score on lifespan.

13. A mash-up of every Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman

Reddit | kevlaryarmulke

This is what happens you combine every actor who's played each superhero, and also what happens when you combine each actor who's starred in my dreams.

14. Sometimes, nature photoshops itself

Reddit | denebvegaaltair

The good news is that this is a real photo from the Great Salt Lake, Utah and you can go here. The bad news is that the vivid color comes from a very smelly bacteria.

15. This frog can't turn into a prince, but it can come back to life

Reddit | 9999monkeys

This dried-out little fella jumped right back up after getting a drink. The scientific term for this process is known as "magic."

16. Rappers are jealous of this woman who is literally stacking bills

Reddit | palana

Internet detectives put their minds together and estimated the stack contains about 7,000 sheets at $3,200 per sheet, totaling $22.4 million.

17. These potatoes are growing without any dirt around them

Reddit | -Damien-

You can fry them, mash them, bake them, scallop them, and chip them — and now you can grow them without dirt? Guys, potatoes are uh-mazing.

18. Also growing in a weird place — this flower, the first to bloom in space

Reddit | Aceofspades25

For the record, it's a zinnia, grown from a seed in space, cared for by astronaut Scott Kelly, and it's beautiful.

19. Also in space, the sun in UV light is like nothing you've ever seen before

Facebook | NASA Sun Science

The scientists who took this image actually added red, green, and blue to three different wavelengths of light so our eyes could see it.

20. Don't want to stand too close when this bubble bursts

Twitter | @USGS

Because it's a 65-foot lava dome in Hawaii. Not to worry, it burst long ago, back in 1969. And that's not ocean in the foreground — it's rock.

21. When you go into the great unknown to find yourself, and you find the cliff from the Clif Bar package instead

Reddit | AnGabhaDubh

Yup, everything lines up perfectly. It all checks out.

22. You don't need steak when you've got the sizzle from the moment lightning hits water

Reddit | Gar1986

When Thor goes to the beach, give him plenty of room, folks. That bolt means business.

23. When you look up from the ground at the Freedom Tower, it looks like it goes up forever

Reddit | molnix

Which is how it should be for freedom and all things good and right, don't you think?

24. Pablo Picasso painted this when he was only 15 years old!

Reddit | fjbruzr

What were you doing when you were 15? Nothing remotely like this, I'm guessing. It's okay, I wasn't either.

What picture made you do a double take? Tell us in the comments!

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