16 People Who Gave In To Their Mean Streaks

Diply 23 May 2018

Since we're not currently ascending into heaven, it's a pretty good bet that we all have at least one mean bone in our bodies. If you're nice pretty much all the time, it's probably just a pinky toe — but it's there.

That's because sometimes, being mean is too fun. If you've never sat back with a blissful smile after making the whole room mad with a joke, you haven't lived.

And these people would probably agree with me.

1. I don't know, I think even getting spit on would be easier to deal with than this.

Instagram | @thesavageposts

It wounds the pride, but just wipe the spit off with a tissue and it's over. Finding mouthwash to get this awful taste out is a little trickier.

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2. That drawing may be a little crude, but it's not like the corner of your eye can tell the difference.

Reddit | tlove82

I'm just picturing whoever did this waiting by the door, listening for telltale screams or crashing sounds like the evil monster they are.

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3. Apparently, some people get really angry when you mix these three together.

Reddit | _Sgt_Frosty_Ninja_

And that's totally understandable if they've got a peanut allergy — but otherwise, I can only say "sorry, not sorry" about this.

This is exactly the kind of chaos I'm here for.

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4. Sure, it's possible to hand this off without realizing what it says, but it only takes one little smirk to make that disrespect obvious. 

Reddit | xbumblebee

It wouldn't work on me, though. If you give me a quarter of a cake like this, you can call me whatever you want.

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5. OK — fun is fun, but this is taking things a little too far.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Not only are they trying to lie about their little non-sale, but they're also insulting our intelligence. Like, are we not supposed to notice this is the same number?

Oh, please.

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6. OK, so there's something kind of "off" about this deer, but it's just an innocent decoration, right?

Reddit | bradwardlaw

Probably, but this image's uploader wanted to use it to scare the neighborhood kids, so it seems to bring out the worst in people.

No cursed reindeer for me, thanks.

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7. Apparently, someone stole all of this car's wheels overnight.

Reddit | chickson701

I know I'm the farthest thing you can get from a mechanic, but it feels like that would be kinda hard to do.

Is some rogue pit crew running around and using their powers for evil out there?

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8. Ouch, do they want people to start suddenly sobbing on the subway? Because this is how you make that happen.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

If people didn't have to cross subway tracks to get to this, I'm sure it would've been vandalized eight ways to Sunday by now.

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9. I'll give the guy one thing — this was a bad slice. But having her cut an exact inch out of it is kind of hilarious.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Just telling her to pick up the next one would've smoothed this over, but maybe this made that inch taste better.

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10. Ouch, getting left on read by your mom already stings enough when she's not doing it over the course of a whole week.

Reddit | SquaresAlmighty

Seriously, what could this person have possibly done? Wait...this started happening in mid-May.

Oh...Mother's Day snuck up on the homie, didn't it?

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11. Uh oh, some prankster has just started one hell of a chain reaction here.

Reddit | Jaguartactics

I can see it now. Someone's gonna get freaked out by this and break the sensor while they scream about the FBI, and then it won't flush for the rest of us.

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12. Maybe I'm too pessimistic about human nature, but this looks like someone did this just so nobody else would want it.

Instagram | @streetcatto

I can't judge because I once brought a cake and no cutlery to a potluck for the same reason, but this is way more blatant.

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13. Aw, man. It never occurred to this poor soul that someone dropped this on the ground on purpose. 

Reddit | minarima

I know they were hurting, too — but they had to know they were gonna get somebody's hopes up with this one.

And no, the bank wouldn't take it.

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14. Haha, he looks as proud of this shirt as any good troll would be.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

Fortunately, he seems to be enjoying the cookout enough to not live up to it.

Plus, it's good for showing anyone who tries it for real that you're one step ahead of them.

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15. Ooh, but this wouldn't really get evil until the host asks you to get something from downstairs.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Although, karma could still get them back when a particularly groggy morning hits them. The rug may be evil, but it's a neutral evil.

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16. OK, so there's nothing evil about the fact that this balloon deflated and happened to peer into McDonald's.

Reddit | Spinachioo

However, there's definitely something evil about leaving it up all day so every customer ends up having the world's most uncomfortable lunch.

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