19 Beauty Realities That Failed To Meet Our Expectations

In a world where there are 583 selfies taken for every one that actually gets posted to Instagram, it's pretty obvious that looking perfect is a difficult challenge.

Still, it's easy to be blinded by the expectations of beauty and be horribly disappointed when it doesn't quite go as planned.

1. This Halloween makeup looks pretty amazing/eerie in theory, right? 

Reddit | gatorrrrr

But the attempts made to mimic it have us literally on the floor.

Like, people actually went out in public like this, and I just want to hug them and admire their "work."

2. Now this one just makes us angry.

Reddit | TeaTime_001

Why is e.l.f. trying to play us like this?

They packaged their face primer in such a bulky bottle, only to give us such a small amount to actually use. What do they take us for???

3. This girl just wanted some relaxed waves.

Reddit | Yugen9x

What she got instead was a front-of-the-line pass to the next Shirley Temple auditions.

On the bright side, all she has to do is run her finger through the curls a few times and hope that they fall a bit.

4. I don't know why, but everybody seems to try this "sprinkle lips" trend found all over Pinterest.

Reddit | MiniMinecraftMLS

And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that things definitely didn't go as planned.

On the bright side, it must have tasted alright.

5. For real, what's the point of this trend?

Reddit | Oddee

As soon as the sprinkles hit your lips, the color starts to bleed out and you're left with blue and purple lips.

6. This is more than disappointing.

Reddit | whoaaintitfun

It's clearly a sample size, but that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it.

And if you're going to give us a small portion of the mask to test, don't cut out holes and give us even less product.

7. Somebody must not have read the Amazon reviews before buying this top.

Reddit | beroemd

Personally, I'm glad they didn't. Otherwise, we would have never been blessed with this picture of a cat in a crop top.

8. I can just picture this poor mom trying so hard to get all the instructions right for her daughter's photos.

Reddit | Grizz_Warrior

She probably stepped back from her work and thought, "Yep, this looks good."

9. This is why I never believe Pinterest hacks. They're all giant liar-faces.

My Pinstrosity Life | My Pinstrosity Life

I honestly can't wrap my head around how her hair ended up this frizzy. Was it something she did? Are paper towels secretly out to get us?

10. Colorful makeup is a nice idea in theory...

Tumblr | samantha13421

But oh boy. Applying it is a whole different ballgame. Once the reds and the yellows start to smudge together, it's game over.

11. Some poor, unsuspecting girl just wanted to try out the balayage hair trend.

Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose

What she was left with is pretty terrible, and we can only hope that this hairstylist didn't charge her.

12. We know that this hairstylist charged this poor girl a whopping $627.

Reddit | eraser_dust

The final result is nothing like what she had asked for, and it still doesn't even look good!

13. Apparently Kool-Aid lip stain is a thing.

Pintester | Pintester

You're supposed to use the drink crystals to add some color to your lips instead of using a $3 tube of lipstick like a normal person.

14. One aspiring DIYer tried the "peanut butter and jelly hair" in vain.

Instagram | @wildarrowco

Take this as a warning to always go to a professional salon if you want to color your hair.

15. Here's another example of special FX makeup gone wrong.

Instagram | @katlynnemikkelson

I'll give this girl credit for having amazing lashes. She just needs to work on her straight lines and shading. Maybe next time?

16. This attempt at tie-dye jeans hurts my crafty heart.

Instagram | @whitecityproject

You just know that it's one of those projects that you really want to work, but the final result is basically unwearable.

17. If you're going to ask your stylist for an undercut, make sure you're not their guinea pig.

Reddit | illbeige

On the bright side, the tattoo is hilariously perfect for this hair disaster. I sure hope it grows back.

18. We've all been there.

Pintester | Pintester

The struggle of attempting what looks like a simple Pinterest hairstyle is never easy. We won't be fooled anymore.

I still have flashbacks of jabbing bobby pins and aching arms.

19. Again, this just goes to show that Halloween makeup is always harder than it looks.

YouTube | Aaron Idelson

But we appreciate the effort... kind of.

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