12 Great Images Of Women Breastfeeding Their Babies

Breastfeeding has been the subject of great controversy lately. I must say it came as a surprise to me. I mean, that's what breasts are there for, right? I was so perplexed by this sneering and sometimes flat hate people have been directing at mothers who are feeding their babies as nature intended. Have we sexualized women's breasts to such a degree that their original purpose is starting to look like a perversion? Thankfully, a group of moms have posed with their babies in full breastfeeding mode to show that just because breastfeeding has been a public taboo for so long doesn't mean it should stay that way.

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1. A Flower Child And Her Baby

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A beautiful shot that says "I support life and I do it beautifully." Those flowers are nothing like the ones you see at Coachella.

2. The Kiss Of True Love

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A baby is a precious and helpless bundle of potential. There are few ways to help them achieve that potential like a mother's nourishment.

3. These Three Are Never A Crowd

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This photo is warm with love, even with the cold background. There is further controversy with older children breastfeeding, but this mom seems happy with the results.

4. Mommy Can Be Your Everything

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There is no greater feeling for a mother than knowing she can be there to support her kids in whatever way they need. Moms love to feel like their kids can utilize them as a resource for everything. Here Mom is dinner and entertainment all at once!

5. Enjoying The Breeze

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Those trusting eyes are fixated on Mama. As the two sit together, their bond grows. This is how great connections and strong family ties are fortified.

6. Majestic 

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Some day this child will be able to look at this picture and see the beauty in it.

7. Safe In Her Arms

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There will never be a safer, happier place in the world for this little one.

8. A Snack So Quick The Floor Will Do

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Sometimes you're in a rush but hunger knocks. The top of that business formal outfit will have to open for business.

9. Lounging In The Window

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That window seat was once for solitary reading and dreaming of a family. Now it's the perfect perch for two.

10. Sharing The Love

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Many mothers will tell you that breastfeeding is one of the most relaxing things a woman could do. It brings out a gentleness in even the most stone-faced woman.

11. Blossom

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This little baby's life is just budding while everything else is in full bloom. Mom can't wait to watch her little flower grow and with all this wholesome eating, that's going to happen sooner rather than later.

12. "I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You For Always. As Long As I'm Living My Baby You'll Be"

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A mother's love is eternal, and feeding is an important part of how she shows her love. There is so much love to be given and received between a mother and her baby through feeding time. Let's try to change some hearts and minds so this natural act can lose its negative stigma

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