15 Fashion Rules You'd Be Better Off Forgetting

Diply 22 May 2018

It seems like from the time we were little kids, there have been all of these fashion rules floating around that we've been expected to adhere to. I'm not sure who made any of them, but the stress of trying to follow the rules is seriously ridiculous.

It's time to recognize that fashion is whatever we make of it — so go ahead and forget these strict, backward rules that really make no sense at all.

1. Your Accessories Should Always Match

Instagram | @somethingnavy

You may have heard your grandmother say that a woman's shoes and purse should always match. However, fashion isn't about being matchy-matchy. If your accessories complement each other in some way, your outfit is generally going to look just fine.

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2. Overalls And Jumpsuits Are For Children 

Instagram | @chiaraferragni

PSA: Overalls and jumpsuits are not just for toddlers and farmers. This popular '90s wardrobe staple is back and in a big way. There are tons of different ways to style overalls and jumpsuits that will look fashionable and mature.

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3. Plus-Size Women Shouldn't Wear Patterns 

Instagram | @gabifresh

You may have heard the "rule" that plus-size women shouldn't wear patterns, as patterns draw attention and will only make them look bigger. This couldn't be any further from the truth. Everyone can wear patterns in a way that's flattering, comfortable, and stylish.

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4. Don't Show Too Much Skin

Instagram | @josefinehj

I hate the idea that women who choose to show skin are labeled as promiscuous (or worse). If you're comfortable with your body and want to show off your skin, go for it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with flaunting what you've got.

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5. No Wearing White After Labor Day 

Instagram | @sincerelyjules

There are differing theories regarding where this rule originated from, but it's time to forget all of them. White clothing looks good and is suitable to wear at all times of the year, including after Labor Day weekend.

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6. Never Mix Jewelry Metals 

Instagram | @thatch.jewelry

I also have no idea where this rule originated from, but it's just straight-up silly. The idea that our jewelry should either be all gold or all silver makes zero sense. Gold and silver look great together, so if it's your thing, go ahead and mix those metals.

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7. Redheads Shouldn't Wear Red

Instagram | @foreveramberblog

*sigh* Another rule I'll never understand. There's this idea that redheads shouldn't wear red because it'll be too much red. On the contrary, redheads look amazing in red — and this picture proves it!

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8. Don't Mix Patterns 

Instagram | @rocky_barnes

When done thoughtfully, you can absolutely mix patterns. Stripes and leopard, as shown here? Absolutely. If one pattern is more subtle, it'll let the bolder pattern stand out without being too visually overwhelming.

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9. Plus-Size Women Shouldn't Wear Anything Tight 

Instagram | @pinklip

There's this terrible misconception that plus-size women shouldn't wear tight clothing because it'll make them look bigger. But it's the super loose, tent-like clothing that really does this. If you feel comfortable in form-fitting clothing, why wouldn't you rock it?!

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10. Never Wear White In The Winter 

Instagram | @ohsoglamblog

Why are there so many rules surrounding when we can and can't wear white clothing?! Winter whites are impossibly chic, especially when paired with gray and other neutrals.

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11. Don't Wear Denim-On-Denim 

Instagram | @jolielot

Canadian tuxedos are a thing for a reason, people! You can 100% wear denim-on-denim. Whether it's jeans and a denim vest or jean shorts and a denim jacket, denim-on-denim is always acceptable.

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12. Leather And Suede Are Only For Fall 

Instagram | @jastookes

Leather and suede jackets are super versatile pieces. In warmer weather, pair a leather or suede jacket on top of a sundress or t-shirt for a cute look that's also a little edgy.

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13. Don't Pair Anything Black With Navy Or Brown 

Instagram | @songofstyle

I have no idea where this rule came from, but it's never made any sense to me. Black looks good with brown, and black looks good with navy. End of story.

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14. Plus-Size Women Shouldn't Wear Bright Colors 

Instagram | @garnerstyle

There's this archaic idea that plus-size women should only wear solid, dark colors. Well, this rule is stupid. If you're a plus-size woman, wear whatever colors make you feel comfortable and happy.

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15. Don't Wear Boots In The Summer 

Instagram | @kateridion

I'm so glad this rule isn't actually a thing. Combat boots and heeled booties look killer with cutoff shorts and cute minidresses. There's no need to store them away now that summer is upon us!

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If you take one thing away from this article, let it be this: There are really no rules when it comes to fashion.


Wear outfits that make you feel confident, comfortable, and like yourself. If you're accomplishing that, your outfit is bound to look amazing.

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