16 Kids Who Are Gonna Be Alright

Diply 22 Mar 2018

Kids are funny little creatures. In some ways, they're super clever and come up with some mind-blowing ideas. Probably because the "real world" hasn't stomped out their creativity yet.

On the other hand, they're still trying to develop to "fully functional" capacity and sometimes, that lands them in hot water.

The kids you're about to see have the kind of grit you need to get through life, and we're sure they're gonna be alright!

1. Any kid who knows what they want in life. 

Imgur | RockOnChicago

"My daughter turns three tomorrow and she told me she wanted to eat cake for breakfast, with a robot. You only turn three once." That honestly sounds like a great birthday.

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2. Any kid who develops a useful skill this early in life. 

Reddit | NastyAbe

"My son caught his first fish all by himself. Told me it was for Father's Day. So proud." I would be proud, too! Look at that little guy, I could eat him up. The kid, too!

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3. Any kid with a voracious appetite for books.

Reddit | LeftHandedToe

"This is my daughter earning her medal for 1,000 books before kindergarten. So proud of her. Sadly, and awesomely, she's been through more books in her life than I have."

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4. Any kid who's mature enough to wake up, grab snacks, and watch cartoons without disturbing their sleeping parents.

Imgur | picc

"Caught my son watching cartoons at 3AM. He didn't expect to be found." Is this kid gonna be tired and cranky tomorrow? Probably. But there's something to be said for this level of independence!

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5. Any kid who's introduced to the classics from an early age. 

Reddit | schemeboy

"My wife and daughter trying their best to help me recreate this moment." I mean, this kid's pretty small, so she probably has no idea what's going on. But this is all part of laying the foundation for a strong Star Wars obsession.

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6. Any kid who rejects gender stereotypes and pursues whatever they want!

Reddit | WaitingOnTime

"My 5yo son is the only boy in his ballet class. I think he's a bit of a genius." Everyone loves a guy who can dance, so why not take classes?!

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7. Any kid who's this bada

Reddit | andexs

This kid is totally unfazed by the massive fire happening behind her. She just hopped out her whip and casually strolled away, like "hey, sh** happens. Let's move on."

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8. Any kid who finds this much joy in doing chores. 

Reddit | TaIIeyWacker

This boy's smile is so big it's actually making me want to go wash my own car. Maybe I can syphin some of his joy into my dark soul.

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9. Any kid who holds on tight through the rough stuff. 

Reddit | theyork2000

Obviously, this kid's freaked out, but man is she holding on for dear life! Any kid who will ride it out is gonna do just fine. Also, is it bad that this pic made me laugh?

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10. Any kid who still finds a reason to smile through the tough stuff. 

Reddit | Reddit

"My son was having a particularly sh**** stay after his second cycle of chemo, until they let him destroy the place. Love this smile!" I'm sure this boy will grow up remembering that day the nurses let him destroy his room as a fun memory.

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11. Any kid who's this thoughtful. 

Reddit | austinmiles

"My 12 yo daughter illustrated a portrait of me and put in on a mug for Father's Day." Not only is this super sweet and personalized, this kid's got some serious drawing skills! Invest in that!

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12. Any kid who takes time to capture memories with their friends. 

Reddit | DuchessBananaHammock

"My six year old son and his best friend's photo booth session." They need to keep these pics forever because they're the purest thing I've ever seen and there's barely anything to look at.

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13. Any kid who recognizes when a mistake has been made. 

Reddit | bluemavis

"Here we have a 13yo in her natural habitat. I present my daughter, who, after being told to change into appropriate clothes, slammed her bedroom door so hard it got stuck. Her escape effort is pictured here, with our concerned dog looking on."

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14. Any kid who's this innovative. 

Reddit | thedrummist

"My son tells me he made a home theatre." He had a problem, found a solution, and — this is key — actually took the time to implement the solution! Harness this kid's creativity, and he's going places for sure!

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15. Any kid who shows this level of kindness and commitment in their relationships. 

Reddit | midwesternvalues73

"For my 45th birthday, my 13 year old daughter made me a box of 45 cards to open for 45 different reasons. They contain funny memes and inspiring notes. She said it took her two months to make for me. My heart is full!" Aaand, I'm crying.

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16. Any kid who can talk their way out of a questionable situation. 

Reddit | Mjones_bulldog

"My son just made a huge mess. This is his just let me explain face." I'm seeing contractor work in this kid's future... "It turns out you've got dry rot in this wall. We can fix it, but it's gonna cost a little more than we talked about."

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