13+ People Who Think They're Pretty Funny

Diply 29 Jun 2018

Everyone thinks they're a comedian, yours truly included — heck, it's my job after all!

While it might not be everyone's strength, for these people, it comes only naturally.

Whether it's having a penchant for practical pranks or unusual comedic creativity, there's a ton of ways to make people laugh. Hopefully, you will too!

1. This is actually genius: you get 30% extra photo, and also get to look like you're a floating head! Money well spent, if you ask me.

Reddit | Christinef610

I wonder if she got the cast from attempting to ride the giraffe in the background?

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2. Mrs. Dee is a marketing genius and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Bonus points if they yell "GOTTEM!" whenever you get your order.

Reddit | MoneyMuggs

On the flip side, there's an equal chance that a sweet old lady let her grandson choose the name for her business and is blissfully unaware.

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3. Half of the art of advertising (false or otherwise) is depending on the customer to only see the parts they like. You'll find that almost no one reads the fine print!

Reddit | TheCrimsonSage

Whoever wrote this (and approved it) deserves a raise!

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4. I wonder whether it was Beau or Belle who came up with this, but either way they have sass down to a science.

Reddit | sfangela

You just know someone's going to mistake the bottom instructions as legitimate and have a very bad day.

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5. I admire both this person's finesse at getting corn into the dog's mouth and the deepness of the dog's sleep.

Reddit | sixfeetunder98

If this was taken at a carnival, this is the biggest corndog I've ever seen!

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6. I guess if you're driving and you see this sign, you have to let the person behind you rear-end you.

Reddit | Vulgar_Desparado

This highway probably has a record number of fender benders.

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7. This would be funny if it wasn't also so accurate (and tragic).

Reddit | RamenRIn

I will admit it'll be a little strange to see The Hunger Games sitting beside Fire & Fury. But, again, it's strangely fitting.

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8. The person who did the layouts of this paper saw their opportunity, and they took it. I respect that, even if they never worked on this paper again.

Reddit | mewhawhaw

Also, what kind of marriage counselor thinks that "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" is a good tagline?

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9. As mad as I would be if my roommate pulled this instead of doing the dishes, I'd be madder at myself for not thinking of it first.

Reddit | TheShadowDemon247

Warning: do not attempt to do this if you are married.

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10. That awkward moment when you're picking up some odds and ends at Target and notice your ex is parked there too.

Reddit | 134282

The weird thing about Target is it really does have everything, including ingredients for spells to turn people into newts.

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11. It's not every day that someone wakes up and decides, "I'm going to dress up as a Scottish Darth Vader, roll around on a unicycle and blast the Imperial March on my bagpipes."

Reddit | UnusuallyLargeSloth

Then again, as soon as you do it once, you're doing it forever.

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12. Admitting your faults is a good thing, and it's an even better thing when you can leverage them to get what you need.

Reddit | Minifig81

That said, I am pretty good with MS Paint. Do you think I should apply?

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13. This is why you can never get Black Panther nice things — he'll just hop in the box and ignore everything else.

Reddit | compi999

Then again, what do you get for the man who rules a super advanced country and an indestructible cat suit?

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14. It's pranks like these that make me thankful that I tend to be a light sleeper. You could build an entire solo cup fortress around this guy, build another one across the hall, wage war between the two, and he'd still be out cold.

Reddit | FilthyPranked_
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15. Traffic always slows down after these guys come through — weaving through discarded bananas and turtle shells is a nightmare during the morning rush.

Reddit | SixCatsInAnAlley

Not to mention that some poor bystander gets hit by a blue shell now and again.

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16. Well, it's certainly cheaper than paying for baby photos. That industry is a total racket.

Reddit | thunderbirdsetup

This is funny until you realize how many other people have probably put their face into this thing too.

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