16 Dudes Who Are Dad To The Bone

Diply 14 Jun 2018

Father's Day is fast approaching, but we don't even really need an official day to celebrate the awesome dads out there. They teach us so much, they make us laugh so hard, and they can get under our skin like nobody else — and we love 'em for it! So today, we're bringing a truckload of dads who keep the funny in the family, the laughs in our lives, and bring those sweet moments that can only come from a straight-up solid dad.

1. The force is strong with this one.

Twitter | @ClaireHale_12

Everyone knows you just can't dad right if you don't make horrible, groan-inducing jokes on the daily. That look she's giving is one that brings life to those who love a good dad joke.

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2. Dad knows best.

Tumblr | tastefullyoffensive

You can't really question someone who's that in tune with each family member's taste. Apparently, this cat is very much into Dutch Post-Impressionism, but like, who isn't?

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3. A page straight out of the book of Billy Madison. 

Twitter | @LucindaSowards

When you're a family, you're in it together, through thick and thin, dry and wet, good times and bad. You're not gonna be embarrassed unless it's Dad who's embarrassing you!

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4. We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Yep, there's nothing a little dad-like ingenuity can't fix! In fact, you could even argue that he's improved immensely on the original. I've always thought Barbie should be a cyborg.

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5. Sometimes it's the little things that keep 'em going.

Twitter | @sleepatlast

Like unleashing the spiciest dishes your mouth has ever attempted to taste! You can go ahead and insert evil laughter here.

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6. Oooh, call them ranch 'cause they be dressin'!

Instagram | Instagram

I mean, if the point of the date is to get the most ridiculous outfits, then no dirty was done — just playin' the game.

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7. I mean, he was close enough.

Instagram | @menshumor

Just sayin', Harry Styles is basically a British wizard, right? Of course, this dad isn't too concerned with that, he's concerned about your potty mouth!

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8. He protec, he attac, but most importantly, he on Snap.

Twitter | @rachel_mcclard

Traditionally speaking, dads are the protectors of the family and will fight off any monster that comes near! Pretty sure this is how Taken 3 starts.

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9. It doesn't matter about the time or the place, dad jokes are gonna happen.

Twitter | @paigealban23

Well, I guess in this case, it's definitely about the place they're in. But hey, the opportunity was taken, and I'm here for it!

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10. Gotta dole out the punishments when necessary.

Instagram | @bailee_xox

And every now and then, a hint of savagery can really make a difference. Well, a difference for him, at least.

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11. Things are bound to get out of hand every once in a while. 

Instagram | @kristinsday

But everything in life is a learning opportunity of sorts. There's not gonna be a dull moment on this flight, that's for sure.

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12. You really do learn something new every day, huh?

Facebook | Brooke Hawley Basso‎

As if remembering to put diapers on 'em wasn't tough enough, now we gotta remember shirts too? What's next, remembering pants?!

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13. Well, now you've got some good doll clothes, at least.

Twitter | @DrDaleview

Much like making sure they're dressed properly, you've gotta make sure they have clothes to dress in! Such a dad move to try to get out of laundry duty here, lol.

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14. Ohh, so the other is a more distant relative, then?

Twitter | @rayy_baybay

Hey, he just wanted to make sure everyone understood that he hadn't raised a seal for 21 years. Can ya blame him?

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15. One of those "shut up and take my money" moments.

Reddit | NealGijsbertse

Definitely don't worry about that baby, though. For one, that's obviously an awesome pillow. And also, the kid definitely has some extra lives for this level anyway.

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16. And lastly, sometimes the hardest part of dadding out is letting go of the past.

Twitter | @megsull2

Eventually, they grow up and might even become parents themselves one day. Your lessons will never be forgotten.♥

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