11+ Things That Exist Even If Our Eyes Don't Get It

Diply 19 Sep 2018

I've admitted time and time again that sometimes it takes me a minute to get things. Or maybe like five minutes if it's something science-related. Listen, at least I know this and I'm telling you upfront BEFORE we get into a tricky conversation about like, bugs and their lack of lungs or something.

But sometimes, even if I get it my eyes don't really get it...you know?

1. I can understand that there's a wee little crab in there but you can't disagree it just looks like floating eyes 

Reddit | Iamnotarobot1984

Which is honestly both the creepiest and cutest thing that I've seen today. And I never thought that combo could exist.

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2. I thought that it was an Earth print, and that it was on purpose 

Reddit | Bonkard

I don't think that I could draw a better Earth if I tried, even knowing that it doesn't totally line up accurately. It's pretty close though.

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3. I kid you not. This is NOT a potato 

Reddit | bettedaviseyes17

I KNOW RIGHT?! Like how could it not be?! But alas, it's just a rock. Which is not half as cool. Although a potato-looking rock is cooler than just a rock.

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4. These are cinnamon buns. Repeat that a few times to yourself

Reddit | sparticus2-0

They are 100% meant to look like intestines, and I think the mom did a pretty darn good job at it. I want to eat them, but I'm a little scared.

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5. The most perfect mushroom that you'll ever see

Reddit | ostrichduck

And it's taking me a bit to accept that it's not fake. Mother Nature is a creative queen, y'all.

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6. How could anyone have a conversation with this doggo?

Reddit | Jplopinyourpants

Yes I understand that it's just the fur, but all I can see are eyebrows. And that look is just purely adorable.

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7. I straight-up thought this was lava

Reddit | KOLDUT

Which honestly doesn't make that much sense at all, and red bio-luminescent algae makes a lot more sense. But it's grass anyway.

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8. How is the tea staying in the mugs...

Reddit | UncannyDonuts

OH RIGHT BECAUSE THEY AREN'T ACTUALLY HOLES? What type of monster creates a trickster mug like this? I would not be able to use them. Nope.

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9. So this tree had its life flipped-turned upside down

Reddit | TheMightyNyco

I'd like to take a moment, just sit right there, I'll tell you how it became the tree of a forest somewhere. (Kidding, I have no answers)

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10. Someone's trash is the...world's online treasure???

Reddit | ash109114

I've changed the garbage how many times in the last 27 years and I have never had it become vacuum-sealed. But it's not art, my friends, just trash.

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11. Okay REALLY what are the odds of two bullets hitting each other?

Reddit | ZSG13

Because to me that's some Wanted type of action, you know? I'm hesitant to believe it, but it wouldn't be the first time I saw something I didn't believe.

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12. Surely there has to be another reason besides, like, not wanting to be kidnapped? 

Reddit | Radiocureee

I mean I get why the logic is there to escape that way, but...does it really happen that often?

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13. I thought snakes just hung out in boots and planes and such 

Reddit | Muchuchuchu

But apparently nowhere is safe. My question is how the heck did they notice that BEFORE sticking their hand in there?

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14. The most perfect rock that I ever did see

Reddit | Coujobro

Shout out to my coworker who just knows that I appreciate nice, smooth rocks. I have a hard time believing something so perfect could be so natural, but hey, I exist.

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Reddit | DrFlames2192

I KNOW RIGHT?! Who the heck would want this in their life? It would just make me hungry at all times! And disappointed because it's full of pens instead of yummy things.

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Reddit | -Confusman-

I really just wanted, for once, for Adele to make her way from my heart and into my writing.

But truth be told, this is just trippy 'cause jello disappears if you leave it for too long???? What the heck, right?

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