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Céline Dion Is Getting Dragged For Her 'Creepy' New Album Cover

Céline Dion is a timeless talent and beauty. Though her fashion might not make sense to everyone, her ability to rock whatever, whenever is what makes us stan forever.

She's high fashion. She's *French-Canadian* couture, okay?

Look it up, sweeties.

But people still don't get it and that's just the tragic world we live in, I guess.

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Sighs in French.

The chaotic misinformation continued when Céline announced her new album and dropped THREE new songs last week.

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Fans and stans alike were overjoyed with the news!

Her album "Courage" is set to be released on November 15th!

However, some fans had some shady, shady things to say about Ms. Dion's new album cover.

"She be copying Billie's [Eilish] 'all the good girls go to hell' vid :/ ??" wrote one fan.

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"It's kinda creepy, no?!"

Céline also posted an animated version of her cover where the flames were moving in a very sultry and also *scary* kinda way.

"This really looked a little burning cross-like. Glad she’s not wearing white ... yeesh."

"She’s so metal in this picture..." wrote one user.

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"Celine looks like she’s remaking Carrie," wrote another.

The shadiest comment? "This looks like a Mariah Carey cover."


Of course, lots of fans couldn't get enough of Céline's "creepy" cover.

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I would go into the fiery depths of hell with Ms. Dion, for sure.

Can we all just watch this video of Céline dropping it low and let it cleanse us.


I think Ms. Dion looks beautiful and people are just being lame AF!

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What do you think of Céline's new album cover? Let us know in the comments below!