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KFC Is Releasing Their Fried Chicken And Donuts Sandwich Nationwide

Mixing sweet and savory in the culinary world of fast food isn't anything new. Think of McDonald's McGriddles, which sandwiches savory sausage or bacon between two maple-flavored pancakes.

And of course, we can't forget about the southern comfort food chicken and waffles, which features waffles topped with fried chicken and maple syrup.

Lately, donuts are taking the country by storm, with trendy donut shops popping up in cities and YouTubers mukbanging their hearts out with dozens of the sweet doughy treat.

KFC is getting in on all the donut fun with their latest fried chicken sandwich venture.


Back in the fall, KFC announced it would start testing fried chicken and donuts in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, and Pittsburgh.

They released a couple options for customers to try.


The first option was a fried chicken doughnut sandwich for $5.99, and the second was a chicken and doughnut basket meal, which features your choice of chicken tenders or bone-chicken and, of course, a doughnut, for $5.49.

Now, KFC is releasing the duo nationwide for everyone to try!

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According to USA Today, participating locations will start selling them on Monday, February 24, just in time for Fat Tuesday.

Will you be giving it a try? Let us know!

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