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12+ Supermarket Blunders That Should Make The Fail Hall Of Fame

Supermarkets are largely tedious places. They're where we buy our essentials as well as the things that we think we're going to eat and then end up rotting away at the back of a cupboard for years. Every now and then, however, they offer up a wonderful little gem of such mind-boggling idiocy that it makes the trip out all the more worthwhile.

So, if you like a little bit of disaster with your wholesale fruit and veg, then this is the place for you. I have gathered together 12+ of the most stupendous supermarket blunders that are guaranteed to make you smile, or at least question the state of humanity a little!

You'll Float Too!


When it comes to quality tech, you can be sure to trust Dick Smith!

"Back to school? Just what I need!"

Reddit | Jalaliep

I do not want to know what sort of school these kids are going to. All I know is, you don't want to mess with the kids from this school.

Happy Valentine's Day

Reddit | h0axed

Well, at least they're organic and wearing some form of protection I guess.

Strangely, that's not the only store hinting at how suggestive their vegetables are.

Reddit | slurgen

Although considering that this zucchini seemed to be the only one in the store marked like this, I'd say it's more the work of a bored employee than anything.

OK, supermarkets, enough! You do know that some customers actually want to eat the cucumbers and zucchinis, right?

Reddit | roxann_007

Based on the Freudian slip somebody made on this sign, I think supermarket employees would do well to start taking cold showers.

"Perfect! Just the Back to School savings I was looking for"

Reddit | chuknora

Jesus, with the knives and the rum, what are people teaching these kids these days? Although, in fairness, I remember quite a few people drinking rum while I was in school... ah the fun of being 14.

"Seen in a supermarket in Scotland. Maybe too obliging?"

Reddit | Sambucus

I can imagine reading that sign and then turning down the aisle only to see an unnervingly keen looking member of staff slowly nodding their head.

"Back to school supplies have changed"


Right, this is just ridiculous! What kind of things do the people who run these supermarkets think that kids are getting up to?

*Unsettled Whinnying*

Reddit | Uxepro

Oh, Ken, no! There has to be some sort of list that this Ken doll is on!

Only The Best Premium Lager Beer For Your Baby

Reddit | threedodwell6989

They're starting drinking younger and younger these days!


Reddit | billNyealism

Inappropriate Mariachi music starts playing

Back To School... For The Teachers!

Reddit | DimensionPizza

It all makes sense now, the back to school offers such as these must be for the teachers! My eyes have been opened.

Choose Wisely


You must choose. But choose wisely, as the true grail will bring you life, and the false grail will take it from you.

Product Placement

Reddit | APappas

Isn't that a little like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

May Contain Nuts

Reddit | Lucketoo

Yes, the product is peanuts. This is either a joke, or somewhere there's a person who tried to sue this company for not having this sign out.

Good To Know

Reddit | pedror90

Funny enough that's also the title of the worst Garfield comic ever created.

Have A Great Mother's Day!

Reddit | pedror90

This Mother's Day display has been brought to you by the 1950s.

How Good Are The Goods?

Reddit | LegendsNeverDie

Wow, that good yeah? I need to try some of these nondescript goods if that's the case!

Nice try, but we're onto this supermarket's little game.

Reddit | Harrisser

Honestly, hastily crossing out the sign saying that you serve people makes this supposed "hummus" even more suspicious.

I'm expecting this store to get a shipment of Soylent Green next week.

This may have been the work of a customer, but it's not like employees can't have a sense of humor.

Reddit | robolew

I guess when my shampoo bottle starts running out, the best way to get the rest of it out is to put it down "Australian style."

Har de har har.

Typos are an inevitable part of writing, but it's somehow always the most unfortunate ones that slip through the cracks.

Reddit | Galrabbit

I'm picturing a lot of interested parties suddenly getting disappointed when they realize this sign promoting "a French style milf" is just about bread.

I suppose it's hard to find a slogan for your sportswear when all the good ones are taken.

Reddit | Jinkerinos

Still, it's hard to imagine someone seeing this in their shipment and thinking, "Sure, that makes sense."

Do I even want to know how to "throb proudly?"

I'm going to ask you a question that seems simple until you try to answer it: What time does this store open on Friday?

Reddit | stupidlyugly

If you want to scoff and tell me that it's obviously 11 am, then I urge you to continue reading the sign.

If you say 10:30 am, then I like the way you think.

When you're designing a store, it's always a good idea to mark the kids' section with some bright colors and happy characters.

Reddit | johnwoo123

Another good tip is to avoid using the word "flesh" to describe the section. It kind of makes it sound like the witch from Hansel and Gretel will eat them if they go there.

It's natural for clerks to get annoyed when customers come in and ask if they're open, but it's a fair question here.

Reddit | walls-of-jericho

Maybe they just put up the "closed" sign because it shows all the credit cards this place accepts. Even so, it's kind of weird to put that information on the sign that says you can't come in.

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've seen someone so fundamentally misunderstand how a bathroom works.

Reddit | saimondelgymnas

Not only is the lock supposed to make it harder to barge into this bathroom rather than easier, but it seems like you could just trap anyone who tries to use it inside.

I think I can hold it in.

Well, I think this is all the explanation we need for why this fridge is empty.

Reddit | kekkkys

When the pillar guy and the freezer guy decide they're not on speaking terms anymore, they aren't the only ones who suffer.

If you're wondering what "remmus" is supposed to mean, it helps to read these letterboxes from the other side.

Reddit | bredditandshredit

Yeah, it might help to put your big, summery letterboxes against a wall to make sure 90% of customers actually know what you're talking about.

If they ever wonder why this security camera is so popular with suspicious characters, they should check their screen.

Reddit | HX7Q

Because unless this was put here to make sure nobody steals their "Entdecke frisches Obst" sign, it's probably not accomplishing much.

When this store didn't get an official Lego display, they decided to make their own.


And while the idea is cute and it's hard to fault them for the materials they used, the execution could stand to look a little less scary.

Never, I Mean Always, Oh Wait No Actually I Mean Never Frozen!

Reddit | Therion596

This fish has never not been not actually previously frozen. However, it also may not have never been not quite not frozen as well, just so we're clear.

Clown Fish On Special Offer

Reddit | squishymarshmallows

Wait, is it saying that the fish themselves are entertaining? Or, is the store entertaining the fish, in which case, what sort of entertainment do fish like?

"This is why Best Buy products should not be left out of display mode."

Reddit | nation543

You'd think that they'd know better than this. I like the idea of a member of staff consulting the manual to try and figure out how to make this go away.

Now I'm No Chef, but something here isn't quite right.


I guess they're not really that different if you think about it, it's an easy enough mistake to make!