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13+ People So Clever That It’s Scary

Thank goodness for the smart people of the world. They're busy doing smart person things and making the world a better place — all while I sit on my butt and chuckle at some of the funny stuff they put out there.

Better plan ahead.

Reddit | blue_ridge1

I don't know if this is a typo or if maple syrup legitimately has some honey-like properties that keep it from spoiling forever. All I know is that this plastic will probably break down before the syrup does.

Amish Paradise.

Reddit | Siracha64

The guy in the middle — yes, the guy you can barely see because everyone is swarming around him — decided to bust out an iPhone around his Amish relatives.

Seems legit.

Reddit | Cadiadidntbreak

Wind chimes are perfectly pleasant, but they kinda are what they are, y'know? They're hard to jazz up. But for a creative shop owner, it was as simple as giving them an awesome backstory.


Reddit | davincivb6

If you've spent some hours of your life watching fail videos on YouTube, and lord knows I have, you probably know why doing a pole dance in a temporary tent is a bad idea.

Comparison shopping.

Reddit | Sugarkrill

Presumably this store wants to sell its Huggies, but it's also willing to leave some on the shelves if it can teach just a few teenagers a valuable economics lesson.

$1 stand > $999 stand.

Reddit | JakesFriendsBrother

This guy's got a nice Apple computer. I heard you can buy an equally nice stand for these things for $999. This guy's stand probably cost a lot less, and it's perfectly functional.

All bases covered.

Reddit | codythisguy

On one hand, this would be a nice pick-me-up for just about anybody. On the other hand, this guy has no easy way out of calling one of these people.

Three out of four ain't bad.

Reddit | bebe627

The three Spider-people on the left have all put some time and effort into their costumes. The guy on the right, well, he's presumably just happy to be here.

Rim shot.

Reddit | Snubber_

Old batteries are kind of a pain to dispose of properly, so this shop is trying to unload them on people who think they're getting a deal — only to later realize they've been duped by a pun.


Reddit | Skwerilleee

If this police officer was photographed with this pig mask while smiling, he'd look like a good sport. But his nervous expression suggests the pig people may have already begun their takeover.

Prestige worldwide.

Reddit | toxicbob12

"My high school gov teacher put himself on a cover of Forbes and read it on a plane while he sat in first class for the first time in his life," wrote the Redditor who posted this. No word on whether anyone 'recognized' him.

Best book dedication.

Reddit | degrudv

If you had an overbearing parent who wanted you to go to medical school, but all you really wanted to be was an author, this dedication is a form of sweet revenge.

New roomie?

Reddit | Birdman1091

The person who posted this photo says their friend needed a place for their cello to stay for awhile. Every so often, the cello owner gets an update on how the cohabitation is going.

Merry Brucemas.

Reddit | TylentGreen

"My friend and I replaced Christmas with Brucemas, where we exchange Bruce Willis themed gifts each year," wrote the original poster, adding, "I win forever. (and yes it's real)"

It needs dirt, and water, and love.

Reddit | Starskins

If this looks like a pickle in a plant pot, that's because it is. Someone's coworker gifted it to them as a "cactus" and replaces the pickle every so often.

While I encourage everyone to vote, there's a big difference between a candidate you'll vote for and one you'll put on your lawn.

Reddit | TryharderJB

So if you're desperately trying to figure out which one is the lesser of two evils, I can't think of a better way to express that than this.

From the looks of it, this photoshoot is supposed to be about the couple. But I admire the photographer's instincts.

Reddit | clousgh5

When you see a dog go this far for a ball, it doesn't matter what you were hired to do. This moment needs to be captured.

They'll thank you later.

There are so many awkward dorm situations that could've been solved by this bunk bed.

Reddit | Christianhbk

In fact, it's hard not to picture that being a major reason why this was designed in the first place.

And when they looked up at the finished product, they shed a single tear and said, "Never again."

If it weren't for this festive idea, there probably wouldn't have been another use for these old propane tanks.

Reddit | Guglimoh

Besides, not only do they not rot away like regular jack-o-lanterns, but any rascal who tries to stomp them is only hurting themselves.

When every office is open concept, a sign like this is just what the doctor ordered.

Reddit | anackom

Not only does this person get his work done and keep the boss happy, but he's got a convenient excuse for those days where he just wants to be alone.

This idea unfortunately isn't very funny, but it makes for a very beautiful gesture.

Reddit | anackom

Most of us will reach an age where we realize we won't be around forever and it's only natural to want to give the ones we love something to cherish in our stead.

Well, we can definitely say that someone on the Riverside city council was thinking ahead.

Reddit | JonathanTheZero

Sure, it may seem unlikely that Star Trek will turn out to be a documentary from the future all along, but are going to be pretend we don't want that to be true?

It didn't last forever, but one family found a very sneaky way to save on vacations without their daughter noticing.

Reddit | CaptainPerhaps

Apparently, they used to bring her here pretty much every weekend and convince her they went to Paris and this photo captures the moment that finally stopped working.

It was fun while it lasted.

There are some clever vanity plates out there, but how many of them inspire others to write poetry?

Reddit | jjfan01

The best part is that if 10 different drivers put this on Snapchat, there's a chance they'd all find different ways to get their Dr. Seuss on.

Although buying Instagram likes is pretty dishonest, I guess I should give whoever did this credit for making it so convenient.

Reddit | mmiillii

Russia's social media game is obviously on a whole different level if there was enough of a market to make entire vending machines for it.

I wouldn't have thought you could turn a cat barfing into art, but I apparently stand corrected.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

This impressive stained glass job almost manages to make such a gross subject look tasteful. They didn't forget how violent the cat's expression is while it's happening, though.

There may not be a practical reason to do this, but it definitely shows the rider's attention to detail.

Reddit | m3m3izlayf

A lot of people will come up with a whole range of crazy mods for their motorcycle, but only the truly committed will remember to customize their kickstands.

This sculpture at the Newport Museum definitely prepares you for what you can expect to see there.

Reddit | guessimkindaemo

It's often hard to tell what you'll get out of a modern art museum, but this one obviously wears its weirdness as proudly as the building wears this sculpture's pee.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend making a chandelier out of chainsaws, but it might work out for this restauyrant.

Reddit | PastorMattIII

After all, we all have those days where we don't want to eat and what sticks out in our mind when that happens? That's right, the place with all the chainsaws.

This idea might excite me more than some other folks, but I could definitely get used to seeing these machines around.

Reddit | VincereStarcraft

The more avid of a Dungeons & Dragons player you are, the harder it is to resist the draw of some new dice.

After all, you don't want to be stuck without extras when a new player or five comes along.

Nobody can tell this protester she isn't practicing what she preaches.

Reddit | mdwaseem27

And since the first piece of criticism climate change deniers have often regards the environmentally unhealthy things activists do in the process of promoting sustainable action, this thinking is almost necessary.

This idea is obviously reserved for a couch you don't care about, but it's a tempting one nonetheless.

Reddit | ozielbispo

After all, how else can someone experience the soothing beach-side atmosphere without getting sand everywhere?

One lady managed to find a balance between supporting her team and actually watching them play.

Reddit | Ssemmi53

And considering that it looks like she's the only one who thought of this, I'd say her self-satisfied look makes a lot of sense.

It's hard to tell exactly what this is going for, but it's definitely provocative.

Reddit | Art_Is_Life69

Whether it's supposed to show how David's famous fight against Goliath actually felt or the artist was just going through something, even those who dislike it can't ignore it.

Hear them out.

Reddit | normisdominor

Horror movies don't make much effort to get inside the villain's head, other than giving them a tragic backstory. But maybe they've got something to say, and we're just not willing to listen.

Everyone needs one.

Reddit | [deleted]

The purpose of these bracelets is to convey important, potentially life-or-death information, when the wearer is unable to communicate with emergency personnel. This might not help save their life, but it'll save some embarrassment.

Prison break.

Reddit | elmagnifico8

Nothing against the Colonel and his delicious friend chicken, but if I rolled up on KFC only to find an escaping chicken, it might just give me pause.


Reddit | shadimusa

I like this chart, because it lays everything out. My only question is whether non-cheddar variants of Goldfish are admissable. I had S'mores Goldfish one time and it was downright transcendental.

That's all it can say.

Reddit | jesssea

The grout of the world does a lot of important work in sealing tiles together, and it doesn't ask anything in return — other than occasionally declaring its sentience in an understated way.