Fan Caught Touching Herself During Tom Hiddleston's Performance

So Tom Hiddleston is an excellent actor, and if you want to look for his best moments, none of them are in Marvel movies.

Seriously, check out his indie films and plays, the man is a genius.

So Tom Hiddleston is in a play.


It's called Betrayal and it's on Broadway.

So naturally, the seats are all filled since it's a chance to see him perform!

And he's not the first Marvel star to take his talent to the theater.

Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr, and Jake Gyllenhaal are just some of the many Marvel actors who have performed in front of a live audience.

But he's definitely the first of them to have a very specific kind of audience member.

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And no, it's not anyone throwing their bras, or screaming out "I love you."

Someone in the audience got a little too comfortable...


Listen, I know, I get it: It can be tough to watch your favorite celeb without combusting on the spot.

In fact, there have been a ton of male stars subjected to fans taking it too far.

Remember that time Norman Reedus was bitten by a fan?

That was terrible.

Or when Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan basically got heckled on stage.

All because some bad fans thought they had the right to bother them.

And that terrible moment when Harry Styles was groped on stage.

And make no mistake, this happens to tons of female celebs too.

Don't get me wrong, there are great fans out there.


There are always more good stories than there are bad ones, I promise.

You just have to look for them!

Never, NEVER, take it this far, people.


One woman was caught...yup, touching herself.

How horrifying is that? Talk about not being respectful!

You can read the full post here.

It's honestly quite horrifying.

I truly, truly hope that Tom Hiddleston didn't notice. This is so not okay!

At least Chris Pratt is finding the humor in it.

We hope that Tom Hiddleston isn't too traumatized by what happened!

Maybe Pratt will make him laugh.