13+ Struggles You'll Relate To If You've Ever Worn Clothes

If you're a shopping addict, you probably don't get bothered by too much. But if you're a selective shopper like me you may relate to the following shopping struggles many women face. From overpriced items to long waiting lines for sales to ill-fitting clothing, we've all been there.

Now it's time to share a collective laugh about how annoying shopping can be.

1. Pants With Fake Pockets


When was the last time you finally found the most comfortable and well-fitting pair of pants only to realize they have fake pockets? Ugh, why?

2. Tiny Pockets


On the other hand, if you're lucky to find a garment with pockets, chances are they're super tiny and you can't actually fit anything in them.

3. Trying To Zip Something Up In The Fitting Room


OMG, I absolutely hate when that happens. I usually tip-toe out of the change room to find some help.

4. One Size Fits All Lie

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I dunno about you but I'm not a fan of one-size-fits-all clothing. I mean, one size can't fit all for crying out loud.

5. Strapless Problems

Do you like the look of strapless dresses or rompers? I do too. But having to constantly pull up is definitely not that much fun.

6. Having To Wear Spanx


I commend all the ladies who suffer through this. I honestly haven't gotten there yet and I hope I never have to do it.

7. Ill-Fitting Clothing

One of the worst struggles with shopping for clothing is finding something that fits you right. From long hems to bulging waistlines, the struggles are endless.

8. The Inappropriate 'Boob Gap'


Button-down shirts can be so classy to wear to work but not when those buttons are about to bust out. That's not a good look.

9. Deodorant Marks


I find this so irritating. So much so that I even buy those deodorants that say "no marks" on them but they still leave marks. Why??

10. Romper In The Bathroom


As cute as rompers are they're a pain in the ass because you basically have to strip every time you go to the restroom.

11. Skirts On A Windy Day


So it's finally warm enough to wear that cute summer skirt you've been waiting to wear all year only it's crazy windy outside. Decisions, decisions.

12. The Dreaded Panty Lines


There are only a few things in this world that annoy me more than visible panty lines. Hiding them should be a full-time job.

13. Why? Why Is This A Thing?

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Women need drawstrings, too! When will designers realize this?

14. Skinny Jeans Are The Worst

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All I can say is good luck taking them off. It's a struggle.

15. The Gap

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Why does this always happen? You'd think they'd be able to make a pair of jeans that fits properly by now.

16. Walking Out Without An Outfit

The last but not least and the worst part of shopping ever is when you're forced to walk out without finding a suitable outfit. Why can't stores just sell exactly what we want?

This is why I have a love and hate relationship with shopping for clothing.

I love getting new stuff but I hate the pain of going through it all.

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