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Pizza Hut Is Making Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza Bites And All We Can Say Is 'What?'

There are a lot of cheese snacks out there, but everyone has one that rises above the rest in their estimation. Whether we're talking about the familiar comfort of Doritos, the messy treat that Cheetos offers, or the sharp taste of Cheez-Its, they all have their devoted fans.

But while Doritos fans may have been able to hold the existence of Taco Bell's Doritos Locos tacos above their rivals, Cheez-It devotees may now have the last laugh.

Pizza Hut suddenly announced on their Instagram page that a stuffed Cheez-It pizza is now a thing that exists.

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According to Best Products, it's available nationwide as of today and will be added to Pizza hut's $5 N' Up Lineup on September 24.

But until that deal activates, each order retails for $6.49.

And what exactly do you get for that price?

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Each order comes with four jumbo squares that look like giant Cheez-Its and are topped with the snack's signature sharp cheddar flavor.

It seems to have more of a bready coating than the crunchy crackers, though.

Each order comes with a side of marinara sauce for your dipping pleasure.

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And since the stuffed bites don't appear to have any sauces inside, you'll likely have a use for it.

As for what the bites are stuffed with, you have two options.

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According to Best Products, they can be filled with either pepperoni and cheese or just cheese depending on your desires.

h/t: Best Products