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The Fab 5 Of 'Queer Eye' Will Be Appearing On 'Big Mouth' Season 3

Big Mouth and Queer Eye are pretty much as different as two shows can get.

But the two worlds are going to be colliding, whether you like it or not! The Fab 5 are coming to Big Mouth for an episode!

The Fab Five are becoming cartoons.


And really, isn't that just what life is all about?

They did it on That '70s Show and Supernatural, and I'm sure we'd all be cartoons if we could.

'Big Mouth' is basically a coming of age video.


Where our characters discover who they are, who they like, and what life is all about.

'Queer Eye' is all about inspiring others and improving your life.


Maybe they'll be the voices of reason for an episode?

Or Big Mouth will have a makeover episode?

Here's the announcement video!

Look at how excited they are!!!

I can't wait to see their part on Big Mouth. I'm really curious to see how they'll be portrayed!