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16+ People Who Threw Us A Curve Ball When We Weren't Even Playing

When you're at a family function, there's generally an expectation that the adults will have their little section of the party while the kids have theirs.

After all, they're not trying to listen to our "boring" conversations any more than we're interested in the latest goings on of the Paw Patrol. However, you may sometimes find that these worlds can collide.

You could be sitting there minding your own business when one of the little ones comes up to you and asks if you want to play "Woogie Monster." And before you can even ask what that is, suddenly another one has jumped on your back and started screaming in your ear.

And the pics we're going to see today feel a little like if an adult suddenly roped us into their own "Woogie Monster" and explained the rules about as well.

1. Here we see a person in a bear suit solemnly look on as firefighters contain what seemed like a powerful blaze.

Reddit | Porodicnostablo

You'd think the heat would make the suit pretty uncomfortable to wear, but maybe they wanted to keep it on out of respect? I guess?

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2. Believe it or not, there's a good chance this is a fairly normal picture.

Reddit | TotalFratMove69

Sure, it's possible that some IT person took their firing really badly and shut down everything. However, it's more likely that these cables were cut because the whole system was being replaced anyway.

Why unplug each one when you don't have to, right?

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3. Once the neighbor puts a mannequin in a weird outfit on their lawn, you might as well start getting used to it.

Reddit | Two-in-the-Belfry

Because if experience with these...interesting choices in decor have taught me anything, it's that they'll eventually decide their creepy new friend needs a buddy or 10.

My sympathies to whoever delivers the mail out here.

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4. Instead of a bouquet, it seems like this couple gets a lot more joy out of tossing entire raw chickens at their wedding.

Reddit | Wiildman8

I don't know if the lucky winner who catches one will be the next to get married, but they might be the next to get salmonella.

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5. I know some people really get enthusiastic about their long Furbies, but there's a point where we have to draw a line in the sand.

Reddit | FlotHomie2730

And I draw it right at the point where we give it legs and have it scurry along the walls.

Do we really want to give something that keeps talking after you take the battery out that kind of power?

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6. That goat may make a nice pet, but its performance as a computer chair is questionable at best.

Reddit | 27man27

Even if we take ergonomics out of the equation, the last thing we need when we're hard at work is a seat that'll get bored and walk away.

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7. While I'd agree that he'd get there quicker than anyone else, it's probably not a good idea to have Lightning McQueen deliver your furniture.

Reddit | fixitwolfe7

Seriously, if that couch somehow makes it home in one piece, we've finally met a physicist who moonlights as a getaway driver.

Now, that's a resumé.

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8. There have been times when I've worried about being late for work, but this woman's manager must be watching the door with a stopwatch.

Reddit | lastdrops

You'd think a place that's so intense about punctuality would also have a dress code, but whatever.

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9. Yes, this guy is trying to play a guard rail like a flute, but he's not acting quite as crazy as he may seem.

Reddit | Cobra_11

Apparently, he drilled holes in just the right places that he was actually able to get some sound out of this thing.

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10. I'm a little afraid to ask where this guy got this wheelchair to transport all his beer.

Reddit | Deividito16

Like, was it just laying around abandoned or does he have a friend who's just as committed to his beer run as he is?

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11. There's a lot to be curious about when it comes to this picture.

Reddit | -rico

I've found it's easy to start wondering about the little things like where this is and what the keyboardist is saying once you get past the big questions like "Why did they pull this guy's fashion statement out of a McDonald's dumpster?" or "Why is this happening?"

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12. Man, I can only imagine how many people are running around dressed as monsters to warrant this kind of response.

Reddit | pombom1v

And wait, does this mean that the Scooby Doo Gang was only one unit in an entire mystery force all along? all the other mystery teams also have talking dogs?

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13. If you're looking for an explanation for this picture, I'm afraid you won't find it here.

Reddit | Canadian-shill-bot

All I know is that this woman and her two bizarre henchmen are indeed keeping a watchful eye over their grotto made entirely from VHS copies of the movie Jerry Maguire.

My brain hurts.

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14. Well, I have to give these two credit for making the best out of a bad situation.

Reddit | ALateNightBrowser

Still, most people on a sinking boat don't really have time to take pictures before things get too intense.

It's nice to know what kind of photos Captain Jack Sparrow would take if the camera had been invented in his universe, though.

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15. Of all of the bizarre scenes we've encountered, I think I understand this one the most.

Reddit | akarim5847

While I don't know how they're managing to power these things, I can certainly attest that you'll never get cold if you keep enough computers running next to you.

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16. I've seen cars filled with all sorts of trash and clutter, but this stuffed animal hoard is a new one on me.

Reddit | Iris_Orange

It's likely that we're looking at the result of years of obsessive collecting, but I'd really like to think this person just pulled off some kind of daring claw machine heist.

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17. Whoever drove this is definitely full of surprises if they aren't even staying at this hotel.

Reddit | SombraArt

I'm not sure what kind of rooftop stunt driving shenanigans could have resulted in this, but it's the only way besides real-life Grand Theft Auto cheat codes that this even seems possible.

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18. Apparently, this guy's shirt says "I love to punch people in the face."

Reddit | strshk

Yeah, that definitely makes me not want to hang out with him, but at least he had the courtesy to warn us?

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19. I would think this costume makes yard work a lot harder, but whatever.

Reddit | -rico

Are hedges easier to trim when they don't know you're coming or something? Or is this for the secret agent who can't abide shoddy gardening?

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20. I understand how even looking at this might fill us with discomfort, but there's one thing to remember here.

Reddit | RtdDatA

And that's that we have photographic evidence that someone actually managed to walk in these shoes. Say what you want about the footwear itself, but that's impressive.

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21. I'm not sure how effective "grandma with a broom" is as a training program, but at least this guy seems happy with it.

Reddit | vilesmoker

That said, I do admire her dedication to making sure her precious boy lives out his dreams of being a champion boxer.

She even cut the sleeves off a Reebok tracksuit for the occasion.

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22. This seems like a pretty sophisticated operation just to steal some bananas.

Reddit | pombom1v

Not to mention, if the bananas came in that plastic bag, there's a non-zero chance that they're only getting a surprise spider for their trouble.

Is this a practice run for the big job or something?

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23. It must be pretty awkward being the only person on the train who isn't dressed like Ronald McDonald.

Reddit | akarim5847

Honestly, I'm just guessing that this is how it feels because until now, I wouldn't have imagined that anyone would need to prepare for such a situation.

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24. Call me crazy, but I would think that the guy on the bottom looks tall enough to do this job on his own.

Reddit | Mark-Tom

While it's certainly impressive that his buddy is able to bend over while perched atop his shoulders without either of them falling down, it seems a lot more complex than it needs to be.

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25. I've seen people meditate on the bus, but they can usually refrain from taking up two seats with a full lotus position while they do it.

Reddit | totalinfonet

While this would be a little strange to encounter, this picture definitely wouldn't be the same without the reaction from the man behind her.

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26. I'm guessing that this picture was taken shortly before the kid in the carrier yelled for mom.

Reddit | Halekulani

While I can appreciate that he tried to put a brave face on for that peace sign, it's pretty clear that this wasn't as good of an idea as he thought.

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27. I would love to hear the explanation behind why somebody thought it made sense to put a bench here.

Reddit | 19potato96

Did they just think that people would take it more seriously than a "road closed" sign? Or were they looking for a way to make sitting down as anxiety-inducing as possible?

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28. Sure, this would definitely be a startling sight on any day besides Halloween.

Reddit | SonOfAShepherd2000

But frankly, the real surprising part of this for me is not only that anybody remembers the 2012 movie Smiley enough to get a mask from it, but that somebody thought these masks would sell.

Let's just say I'm not a fortune teller.

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29. If this guy bought over a dozen plane tickets just so he could bring his gang of mannequins along, his plan is obviously way too advanced for me.

Reddit | akarim5847

Unless he decided to prank Spirit Airlines, whatever he's got in mind here has a very expensive first step. It's an intriguing one, though.

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30. I'm not sure what's going on here, but somebody definitely put some work into that toilet costume.

Reddit | ReXXorize

Sometimes, we just have to try and live out our childhood dreams no matter how nonsensical they are.

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31. Although this might scare people at first, a lot of them would probably want one of their own soon after.

Reddit | mermaidnoodles

It is really hard not to feel like a boss when you're setting your drink on a coffee table with a defeated Jason Voorheez encased in it.

Especially since that means you'd succeeded where Freddy failed.

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32. I wouldn't have ever expected to call this tattoo awesome, but I do kind of love everything about it.

Reddit | w11

Not only did somebody find a creative way to mix Eminem with the actual candy, but someone else believed enough in their vision to do it justice this well.

That's kind of a beautiful thought.

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33. Similarly, if you're going to get an intense haircut, you can definitely do worse than this loving tribute to lizard-kind.

Reddit | oh_its_raining

It'd be totally perfect if this guy actually turned out to be a herpetologist. Nobody would ever doubt his commitment to making lizards his life's work.

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34. I'm not sure if it's possible to see past this 300-pound dinosaur sculpture when looking through the back window, but it's really cool anyway.

Reddit | hgambler81

And in case this thing already wasn't crazy enough, it's made entirely of fork handles. I don't think I could even make this up.

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35. I feel like a lot of us pulled stunts like this as children that we don't know how we accomplished as an adult.

Reddit | ellaraynerbear

For instance, I swear I could climb up my bedroom's door frame at like six years old, but I could barely get off the ground when I tried it again two years later.

Kids lowkey have super powers, I guess.

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36. Bathroom vandalism isn't what I'd call a good way to make friends, but it doesn't usually get this weird.

Reddit | _csad

As far as I can tell, somebody wasted a perfectly good corn dog just to see how snugly it would fit in this drain.

I suppose that sometimes, we have to make sacrifices in the name of science.

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37. Whatever this man just received for Christmas, I'm pretty sure it wasn't on his wish list.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

That's not just because we can kind of see his disappointment.

Indeed, it's also because whoever's responsible for this is the only person in the world to think anyone would want a box of sawdust and a box of what I hope is sausage gravy.

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38. Whoever is running this obedience school must be at one with nature because I'm not sure how this would otherwise be possible.

Reddit | jaybird17

I can understand a dog training school and maybe one that somehow manages to get cats to listen to them, but a puma? How?

I have to admit that it does seem pretty well-mannered, though.

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39. These Czech socks may not go with everything, but I have to admit that they're kind of adorable.

Reddit | Tetro123

And while the handles may get in the way, I can't see any other way to signal that these are beer stein socks and not just brightly colored ones.

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