13+ Things You're About To Learn About Fenty Beauty

Queen RiRI blessed us with Fenty Beauty in 2017, and the makeup world has never been the same.

A celebrity with a makeup line is nothing new, but what is is how hard "Wild Thoughts" singer went to make sure every product is top quality and inclusive.

Fenty is not only for everyone, but especially for people with skin tones that most companies exclude from their ranges. Rihanna turned up for women of color and lowkey started a makeup revolution.

Now, let's do some learning today, folks!

1. "Fenty" is Rihanna's surname. 

Getty Images | Caroline McCredie

In fact, she trademarked her last name as far back as 2014. Her full name is actually Robyn Rihanna Fenty, but she goes by the stage name of Rihanna. Fenty's trademark in 2014 eventually led to "Fenty Beauty" being trademarked, too.

The rest is makeup history.

2. Fenty Beauty is actually owned by...Louis Vuitton. 

Wikimedia Commons | Louise Walsh

Well, sort of. Rihanna produced Fenty Beauty through the company Lvmh, which is all expensive things with expensive sounding names. Lvmh owns Kendo, and Kendo manufactures Fenty Beauty alongside other celeb lines, such as Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D.

I know, my head hurts, too.

3. Kendo possibly paid $10 million for Fenty.

According to Women's Wear Daily, estimates for how much Lvmh/Kendo paid are as high as $10 million, which is enough money to buy exactly294,117 Killawatt Highlighters, in case you were wondering.Looks like Kendo definitely had her money.

4. She created Fenty Beauty for everyone. 

Instagram | @FentyBeauty

Having been across the world and back, and having seen every makeup product known to man, RiRi decided to make her own line to include everyone.

In the bio of her site, Rihanna says she made the line "So that women everywhere would be included," and with the 40-shade range Fenty has, it looks like she did.

5. RiRi's company once replaced all of a customer's stolen Fenty goods. 

Twitter | @OnlyIfForRih

After Twitter user Chiara's hotel room was broken into and all of her belongings were stolen, Fenty stepped up.

They replaced everything Chiara had stolen and more, and sent it with a cute li'l note, too. 

Twitter | @OnlyIfForRih

Okay, we see you and your good customer service, RiRi. You are one part goddess and two parts queen!

6. Fenty sold out of the darkest shades of Pro Filt'r almost immediately after it was launched. 

Twitter | @BeautyWOC

Proving how neglected the black community has been by the majority of makeup brands, Fenty's initial launch was so successful that several outlets reported that Fenty had straight-up sold out of the darker shades.

7. Fenty made YouTube go crazy. 

YouTube | Nyma Tang

Within a month of its launch, Fenty-related videos had racked up a total of 132 million views. People were hungry for reviews, swatches, and first looks at the brand's products, and YouTubers were happy to provide.

8. A woman went viral for her review of the foundation. 

Instagram | @acondria

Krystal Robertson, an albino woman, went super viral after she posted her review of Fenty Beauty on social media. Rihanna noticed her Facebook review and reposted it onto her own Instagram, launching Krystal into overnight internet fame.

Rihanna wasn't kidding when she said she made Fenty for everyone.

9. Fenty Beauty made an estimated $72 million in sales in its first month.

So, like, that's a lot of money.In fact, that's more money than brands like Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. Oh, and in case you were wondering, $72 million equals exactly 4,000,000 Gloss Bombs.

10. Speaking of gloss bombs... 

Instagram | @starjaral.beauty

According to Rihanna's makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, the gloss bombs have more than one use — they double as chapstick. Rihanna herself applies the gloss bomb instead of chapstick, and it works! The Gloss Bombs have tons of shea butter, which is exactly what dry lips need.

Come through, multi-use products!

11. Fenty Beauty only launched with one lip paint color. 

Instagram | @badgalriri

Red. The boldest of statements, Fenty Beauty launched the Stunna Lip Paint and nothing else. A wide-spread belief is that red isn't for everyone, which may perhaps may be why Rihanna decided that red was the first color she was going to launch.

Red is for everyone — RiRi says so.

12. Fenty's 2018 lipstick launch pulled men into the Fenty fold. 

Instagram | @badgalriri

Instagram star and comedian @blameitonkway did a spot for new shades of Fenty's Mattemoiselle Lipstick, which is simultaneously hilarious and a subtle but huge statement.

Are any other brands out there including queer black men in their advertising? Bueller? Bueller?

13. Actually, while we're on the subject...

Get Outstar and Oscar-nominated actor Daniel Kaluuya rocked Fenty Beauty at the Oscars in 2018. His makeup artist, Amber Amos, used the famed Pro Filt'r foundation on him, and wow did he shine.It's no secret that male celebrities wear makeup, but it's doubly awesome that Daniel was stunting with Fenty on a red carpet.

14. Fenty's Flyliner is named after one of Rih's most iconic comebacks. 

Instagram | @ncomakeup

The liquid eyeliner is available in one shade: "Cuz I'm Black."

And if you don't get that reference, allow us to rewind to 2011 when one Twitter user asked, "Why does her hair look so nappy?" Rih's answer? You guessed it. "Cuz I'm black [expletive]!!!!"

15. Fenty Beauty made it onto Time's Best Inventions of 2017

Now that is some clout. Trending above Halo Top ice cream and robots like Amazon Echo, Fenty Beauty was praised by Time for its inclusivity in both its products and advertising.Fenty Beauty is the juggernaut that just keeps on taking down everything in its path. And it's about time.

16. Quality is queen when it comes to the innovation process.

Instagram | @FentyBeauty

RiRi spent over two years with 100% involvement in the brand creating the right formulation for her products.

17. Fenty is 100% cruelty-free.

Because it's 2018 and we DON'T need to be testing on animals. With all the innovations that exist, there are so many ways around this and it's just not necessary.

18. Savage X Fenty is the lingerie extension of the brand.

Instagram | @savagexfenty

Just like with Fenty beauty, Savage X Fenty is focused on inclusivity, providing beautiful loungewear and lingerie in a full-range of sizes and colors to complement diversity body types and skin tones.

19. They released a $350 diamond-encrusted highlighter vault because they can.

Fenty Beauty

Only a handful of these bad-boys were released, and literally only a handful. Just 10 of these bad-boys were released, and of course they're already long sold out.

20. Apparently, they're about to drop a stunning new shade of "Gloss Bomb".

Instagram | @trendmood1

This highly coveted second shade is a beautiful shimmering pink hue, with a hint of lilac. Umm, gimme, gimme, gimme.

21. They aren't afraid to take a popular product off the shelves, and bring it back better than ever.

Instagram | @trendmood1

"Body Lava" was one of this year's best sellers, but they took it off the shelves leaving a huge whole in our shimmer-desiring hearts. Now, it's back and better than ever!

22. "The Fenty Effect" is what the impact that Fenty has made on the beauty industry is being called.

Instagram | @FentyBeauty

In the year since the release of Fenty Beauty's foundation line, many other brands have increased their ranges up to at least 40 shades, with others going farther up to 60.

Well, if you weren't a fan of Fenty Beauty because of their products, you should probably get on board ASAP.

Excuse me while I go max out my credit card.