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15+ Pics That Prove Everybody Wins In A Photoshop Battle

Much like my art skills in general, my Photoshop skills aren't exactly up to snuff. I have worked with the tool and made some photos I found interesting, but they weren't anywhere near good enough to appear convincing.

So when I look at the masterpieces that some people have put together, I can only wonder at how they managed to make their fantastical scenes look as real as the computer they made it on.

This leads us to the subreddit dedicated to photoshop battles where all of these design wizards gather to flex, compete, and transform fascinating images into stunning creations.

And what we're about to see is just a sample of what people can do over there.

1. This pic of a particularly intense penguin seemed to remind people of one of its possible ancestors.

Reddit | Maymayfish, Maymayfish

Chris Pratt's training technique's may give the dinosaurs pause, but that penguin looks just as determined to rush him as ever.

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2. I'd say it was easy to turn this striking gold possum into something so disturbing, but that would imply that I can do it.

Reddit | pnutbuttafly, mandal0re

Even without the masterfully applied paw, this new possum version of Goldmember would've still found its way into my dreams.

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3. Blossoming cashews may not be the most pleasant thing in the world to look at, but somebody decided to change that.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com, IllTakeOutTheTrash

So instead of a nut pushing out of a cashew apple, just imagine that the tree is hard at work growing adorable little citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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4. This guy was introduced to Reddit as the "leader of the pack," but it seems they had loftier ambitions in mind for him.

Reddit | EVO5055, amuzeerbeer

Frankly, I feel kind of sorry for their enemies because I can't imagine them having much success with trying to form a coalition against an army of dogs.

I, for one, welcome our new canine overlords.

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5. When Keanu Reeves made this gesture and fulfilled a lot of our greatest dreams involving ninja magic, someone else gave us a view of what could have been.

Reddit | ImTheRealMonKeySVG, Ph4ntom_-

Another person decided this is how Neo should've stopped the bullets in The Matrix: Reloaded, but this idea seems a little more inspired.

Also that fade effect deserves applause on its own.

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6. This definitely looked like a gang of cats, but the question was what kind of gang?

Reddit | FXavier86, GaryCannon

Well, one user let their sense of visual flair guide them and pitched an idea for a particularly adorable remake of The Warriors.

"Can you dig it?!" "MEOW!"

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7. This guy is definitely holding the hell out of that log, so someone gave this image an edit that matched his intensity a little better.

Reddit | Doyler92, CaioPaiva22

Whether he's getting struck by lightning or emitting it into the sky, he's definitely found something to scream about.

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8. As much as I'd like to say this woman was captured mid-bike stunt, she was actually planking on that narrow ledge.

Reddit | GallowBoob, Broffeser

Perhaps this is why the person behind this idea decided not to include the bike as everybody else did.

Besides, it looks like she's trying to give God a fist bump now and that's just delightful.

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9. This happy chef apparently left someone feeling divinely inspired.

Reddit | SmilingRhino, shuppiexd

I mean, there's probably a decent chunk of the population who would find their greatest comfort if a delicious meal greeted them at the pearly gates.

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10. It's not at all difficult to see why this transformation of Jack Black's bath time stood head and shoulders above everyone else's Photoshop jobs.

Reddit | minecraft_whisperer, Maymayfish

When we have footage of a man playing Bob Ross and a photo of him that qualifies as a work of art on its own, it seems criminal to keep them apart.

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11. Obviously, somebody didn't quite like the way that Elmo was looking at them here.

Reddit | theCamtoonist, TygoSR

At the same time, there's something about seeing how creepy Elmo looks as a giant peering into our window that makes us appreciate the fact that his original background has another picture of himself.

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12. This dog was just covering its eyes with its paws, but the way it did it apparently seemed pretty mind-bending at first.

Reddit | Geaux, workingat7

And so, we now have this bizarre image in which the doggo has transformed into some mad scientist's dog-spider hybrid.

Photoshop was a mistake.

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13. Once people saw this dog happily leap into the air, they were poised to give it some new adventures.

Reddit | jessicamh64, yEeTuSmInEcRaFtEr

Although dangling out of a roller coaster sounds like a scene from my nightmares, this dog obviously likes to live a lot more dangerously.

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14. This is one of the only cases where the original photo is almost more wild than the edit.

Reddit | trickflip1, AlanBalanSved

Apparently, this came from an otherwise conventional wrestling match where one of the participants decided to dress as Luigi.

But now, it seems the stakes are higher and the whole Mushroom Kingdom could be at stake if Mario doesn't tag in.

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15. When it almost looks like the original image was Photoshopped, the editors really need to take it over the top.

Reddit | hey_guy-So_What, GranniteThaGreat

And with their impressive entry that turns this street light gripper into a barrel of interconnected women towering upwards, it seems that this user has done exactly that.

By the way, the edited version is actually even taller than it seems because the tower goes on for two more "Mindeys."

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16. This child walking with her sword and shield at the ready benefits a lot from these dynamic flourishes.

Reddit | lordodadogz, Bipelzig

Before, it's likely that she was just walking through a convention or something. But now, she's the protagonist of an anime who is just about to turn the tides in a heated battle.

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17. This sitting dog inspired a lot of pathos in whoever made this downbeat edit.

Reddit | rcarney12345

Considering what kind of look the dog has in its eyes, it's not surprising that the bartender knew not to make a crack about having a "ruff" week.

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18. Considering how trippy this shark art is for blending into the brick wall so well, there's not much any Photoshop user needs to do to make it pop.

Reddit | Ankit2020, jnoble50

So, it seems that the answer was just to give it a shirtless rider.

If you ever wanted to know what Vladimir Putin would look like if he was made of bricks, then I guess today is your lucky day.

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19. It's amazing what you can do when a bird grabs a branch in the right way.

Reddit | Sgt_Peppers_L_H_C_B

Thanks to this quality edit, it's gone from hanging on during a tough winter to hoping its coffee doesn't spill during a tough commute.

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20. Somehow, I get the feeling that the bear wouldn't be this friendly about this fishing trip.

Reddit | sweet-101, ILL_DO_THE_FINGERING

No matter what kind of hat you put on it, I'm pretty sure its first thought would be "mine!" as soon as it laid eyes on that huge fish.

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