15+ Folks Who Definitely Have The Right Idea

Dan 16 Sep 2019

Being in the right headspace counts for a lot. It's the difference between drudgery and creativity. If you start with the right idea, you can definitely take that idea and take off running with it.

1. On another level.

Reddit | GameOfLevels

Because this guy isn't making any effort to hide the literal stairs he's climbing, he's clearly comfortable with their height difference. He just wants to make that first wedded kiss count.

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2. Fair enough.

Reddit | Dcook0323

Establishments can make it a rule that their employees wash their hands. But everyone else? Ehh, it's a free country. This sign just wants you to know that it's a roll of the dice.

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3. Perfect.

Reddit | darth_bubba

I feel kind of badly for the fact that this girl's tantrum is sufficient enough for her to want to cover her face. It's just a bit hard to show sympathy for such a hilarious sight.

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4. Well, there it is.

Reddit | idontreallylikecandy

When it comes to a classy, framed painting of a Jeff Goldblum T. rex, it's best not to ask too many questions. Just be in awe that life found a way.

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5. High scores are good, right?

Reddit | lopsidedlaceration

Some people see a number and instinctively want to beat it. Seriously though, don't speed — or at least slow down when you see one of these radar things.

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6. He's got my non-vote.

Reddit | idontreallylikecandy

In these divisive political times, Sam's the kind of non-candidate that people of all political stripes can get behind. He sounds like a decent enough guy, and the fact that he's not running shows how intelligent he is.

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7. Just because.

Reddit | KustomKonceptz

"I had a promo code for 250 free business cards, so I made cards for my wife and I," wrote the Redditor who posted this. Good for him — maybe he didn't need them, but 250 free business cards are 250 free business cards.

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8. Apply within.

Reddit | likedaisy

I'm of the opinion that these cutesy bank windshield stickers are rapidly becoming played out. That said, they become a lot more functional if you use them as a de facto dating service.

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9. It takes 3.

Reddit | anish_singh19

I've never seen such a distinctive...what are those things called? Swirly mini bald spots? Whatever. I like to think that this guy is totally defined by the number atop his head.

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10. Pranked her good.

Reddit | lil_gingerale

This is a harmless, if a bit unnerving, prank to play on someone who doesn't like creepy crawlies. That chewed-out hole would be enough to give a person nightmares.

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11. Just sayin'.

Reddit | bandannick

Like the windshield stickers a few items back, this guy uses his pet's collar as a way to meet people. No word on whether letting your dog run free is a good way to find a mate.

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12. Literally.

Reddit | Vanthsava_multifanboi

You know what the assignment is going for here. But for someone who's concerned about historical accuracy, this is really the only way to answer such a question.

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13. 0 to 100 not quick, not quick at all.

Reddit | GaldalfTheGr3y

As someone whose car is perpetually a hunk of junk, I can say that there's no shame in driving something that gets you from point A to point B. If it goes slow, just pretend it's a feature, not a bug.

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14. Good one.

Reddit | spinabomb

If you're in charge of putting the Domino's sign together, you probably realize that pizza isn't exactly healthy, but it is exactly delicious. Don't apologize for it — lean into it.

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15. Jerk.

Reddit | cbugg

This is a classic cat move: take something new and pristine, give it a small but permanent flaw, and then be a big jerk about the whole incident.

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16. Line in the sand.

Reddit | hawkfan78

I can't speak from experience, but I'd imagine that telling your wife that you have a secret family would be a tough conversation to have. It's hard to blame this guy's wife.

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17. Grease the wheels.

Reddit | branistheworst

I don't know how to appease the baggage handlers of the world. I don't know how to get them to stop destroying my luggage. If they go for flattery, this just might work.

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18. Kneel before me.

Reddit | Leo_10011

Rich people mocking the hoi polloi is nothing new, but doing it from an airplane is on another level. If anyone tries to argue, it's not like they'll be heard over the noise of a plane.

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19. Teach your children well.

Reddit | narcolepsyinc

"My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room," wrote the uploader of this pic. "They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this. Buncha comedians in my house...."

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20. Bruh, that's not a mask.

Reddit | feverzsj

Although, if I were anywhere near the epidemic dominating headlines around the globe, I'd probably also consider this solution. You could do worse!

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21. Head of the class.

If you know it, don't be afraid to show it, amirite? Full speed ahead for full marks.

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22. Ehhhhxcellent.

Reddit | escahpee

Why does something that's so well done also have to be so unnerving?

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23. The tables have turned.

Reddit | bethuniverse

So, if some motorhead tries to prank his girlfriend by sending her into a gas station to grab some blinker fluid, what does he do when she actually comes back with some?

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24. #Lifehack

Reddit | amos-bobo

Because when all the pieces are the same color, it's hard to figure out where they should go, but then, if they all look the same, does it even matter where they go?

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25. A cultural exchange.

Honestly, who would have expected a viral meme to work so perfectly when adapted to the Tibetan style? Amazing.

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26. They're here.

Reddit | AdaptiveG

This is the best kind of snap. It immediately elicits somewhat of a chuckle, it's easy to stage, and it's safe for work. That's assuming, y'know, this isn't an actual alien arm.

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27. Role models.

Reddit | nguoiphanxu

Admit it, parents, how many of you will be using this tonight? How many already use it? Because it's clearly working.

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28. I Loved You!

Reddit | KandongBandoeng

You don't need a movie set to make movie magic that's for sure.

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29. It's a real maze out there.

Reddit | migs267

And you thought locks were difficult to open before.

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30. Number Two.

Reddit | SaulSilverado

"Colonoscopy tomorrow. Rate my setup."

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31. Bed time.

Reddit | rightcoastguy

"I made a pillow for all of those times you need a big glass of water but don’t want to get out of bed."

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32. Chchchchanges!

Reddit | /tootsietat

"Little bit of drama in the nurse's locker room."

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33. Statistically Speaking

Reddit | Rook_Castle

Math doesn't lie folks. Math doesn't lie.

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34. Truth Hurts

Reddit | insatiablesanibel

My dog could too be described in this fashion.

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35. Elon's approval.

Reddit | insatiablesanibel

Are you gonna tell him, or should I?

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36. Hide And Sneak

Reddit | pearinactive

Let's just pretend we don't see him. He's trying so hard!

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37. Buy One Get One

Reddit | widesupermonkey

The real question is: does the price go up when it's packing snow?

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38. Target Practice

Reddit | sammygirl246

"Some friendly advice from my local gas station bathroom!"

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39. One Heck Of A Deal.

Reddit | diezdiasdios

"Still the best funeral home slogan ever..."

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40. On a similar vein...

Reddit | Hmmmm_Interesting

"My friend's kid, everybody."

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41. We'll Paint The Town.

Reddit | keainuren

Honestly, though, this is funny and clever.

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42. Not Aunt Edna!

Reddit | lifewithjbc

This is one of those pics that I'd really rather not have the context for.

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43. Can't unsee.

Reddit | jmrlet

Internet shopping gives us access to a world of unsettling novelty items. I don't think these socks ever needed to be created in the first place, but here we are.

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44. Same, kid. Same.

Reddit | drak0bsidian

If you're already struggling with the basics of peek-a-boo, quantum entanglement might be a bit over your head. Or maybe it's the perfect time to start learning. I don't know, quantum physics is weird.

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45. You don't have to kiss a frog to make a prince.

Reddit | christwrightmusic

And who needs more proof than this? "My 15yo daughter bought this frog thingy at a thrift store and then painted him majestically," wrote the uploader.

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