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15+ Student ID Photos That Were The Envy Of Boring Schools Everywhere

For most of high school, the day we took our student ID photos wasn't often much to write home about.

Unless we woke up with a facial blemish we didn't want to look at for the rest of the year, it was usually just something to get over with on our lunch periods.

One school, however, wasn't satisfied with just leaving it at that. They've brought a sense of fun to the whole affair that's been making other kids jealous all over Twitter.

It's been a tradition for years, but the latest batch of student IDs carried it on proudly.

1. At North Farmington High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, students can dress up as anyone they want when taking their student ID photos.

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As CBS News reported, this is an annual tradition at the school and we can always count on students to go all out to fulfill it.

It's unclear when exactly it started, but it's definitely here to stay.

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2. Anika here uses a very thick wig to capture the adorable awkwardness of Tina Belcher.

It's normally pretty hard to make a cartoon character translate into real life, but this flirtatious photo did the trick.

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3. Unlike his classmate, however, Tanner decided to go back to the classics to pick his character.

If you were an avid Nickelodeon viewer during the mid-2000s, you likely carry some fond memories for Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

Well somebody's finally bringing it back with his appropriately anxious take on Cookie.

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4. While everyone else went crazy over the Minions and Gru, Hannah refused to forget that they weren't the only characters in Despicable Me.

And so, she decided to take her picture as Margo.

Who knows? Maybe this will be just the right good luck charm to give her the year she wants.

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5. Jake here probably thought back to some of his earliest memories for the role he was playing.

Based on how much they used to re-run 1974's The Year Without A Santa Claus, it seemed that the only hard part was deciding between going as Heat Miser or Snow Miser.

Obviously, he made the right choice.

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6. It's hard to tell how long it took some of these kids to put their costumes together, but these ones probably took the most planning.

Arranging for the perfectly bright tint for a proper Wendy may have taken some careful timing, but the intense hair preparation was only one part of what was needed for this amazing Prince costume.

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7. So far, only one student has felt compelled to play a villain, but Stavros knows that we need a bad guy.

So it's no surprise that he ended up finding his inspiration in the one man who brought that need to the surface: Tony Montana.

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8. Although we made need a bad guy, we also need a hero to balance them out. And Blake's choice isn't just good, it's super.

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The only difference is that his facial expression makes it look like this is the third "job for Superman" he's had to deal with today.

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9. We mostly see the students get in on this tradition, but it's good to know that at least one teacher recognizes a golden opportunity when he sees one.

Although Mr. Simpson here conceivably could've gone with a much more obvious choice, he's probably right that it's better to emulate Mr. Clean than Homer Simpson.

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10. With his choice of costume, it's clear that Troy's greatest ambition is to be a boss.

Twitter | @troy_dawson_

It's hard to tell, but that appears to be a Wingstop cup he's holding, which means he's done the appropriate amount of Rick Ross research.

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11. Omar may have picked his look well, but he's probably not going to catch any criminal activity going on now.

After all, how does anyone at his school know he actually goes there and isn't running an undercover 21 Jump Street operation of his own?

You overplayed your hand, Omar.

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12. If Nicholas just wanted an excuse to wear sunglasses and point at the camera, he's found the right way to do it.

Twitter | @Nichola19153530

And so, we have this look emulating Pauly D from Jersey Shore. Excuse me, I meant DJ Pauly D.

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13. I wonder if this means there are a bunch of parallel universes where this kid dressed like the rest of the Spiderverse.

While this costume looks like it took some effort, it doesn't compare to the nightmare the him from universe 52 had to go through when he built a whole spider robot to be the anime girl.

I just realized how little sense this makes if you haven't seen Into The Spiderverse.

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14. Although most kids were inspired to be their favorite TV and movie characters, the meme route was also a popular choice.

Twitter | @theysaychenelle

Morgan here apparently anticipated that the coming year would give her a lot to stare in disbelief at. She's probably right.

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15. Chase, however, figured that she would need to offer up some passionate explanations.

Twitter | @AaronTypesStuff

All she needed was a friend to take their photo with a confused and mildly afraid expression to complete the look.

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16. Luke here decided to model his look after totally legitimate FBI agent Burt Macklin.

After all, they can't get you for impersonating a federal agent if the person you're impersonating isn't technically one either. Pretty clever.

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17. A lot of these student ID photos like nice, but nobody went all out quite like Jessica.

She could have just worn an outfit and a wig that matched the Mona Lisa, but that wasn't extra enough so she brought this instead.

The only problem is she probably had to lug that frame around a lot more than she wanted to.

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18. These students will soon find themselves exploring lots of new frontiers and one picked the perfect costume to reflect that.

It also helps a lot when all your costume requires is a pink shirt and a backpack. I always put similar economic planning into my costumes.

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19. As fun as it is to dress as one person, Jordan decided to be more ambitious and give his costume layers.

If you're going to go with something from The Office, it's hard to do better than Jim's little impersonation of Dwight.

That ought to put the beets and bears in your Battlestar Galactica.

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