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Alicia Silverstone Blasts Starbucks On Twitter For Making Her Drink With A Disposable Cup

Alicia Silverstone has a bone to pick with Starbucks.

The Clueless actress recently blasted the coffee chain on Twitter, and it all started over disposable cups.

Alicia Silverstone has always been super passionate about living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Clueless actress is vegan and even recently took to Instagram to share her tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle.

She knew how to get people's attention by posting the tips alongside this image from the iconic movie "Clueless".

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"Avoid single-use plastics by using a reusable water bottle, straw, cutlery, containers and shopping bags," she began.

"It’s simple and fun! Set yourself up for success — leave a pair of reusable cutlery in your bag and a jar in your car and you’ll be surprised how much it comes in handy."

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Other tips included going vegan or at least having a meatless Monday every once in a while and shopping consciously by supporting second-hand thrift shops.

Alicia may have gone vegan at the age of 21, but her son, Bear, started much, much younger.

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At eight years old!

That's right, her eight-year-old son, Bear, who she had with her ex, Christopher Jarecki, is being raised vegan.

It's a controversial decision, but one which Sarah has credited for his good behavior.

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“I’ve never had to raise my voice to Bear,” she said.

“I can just say ‘no, thank you’ and we respect each other and listen to each other. So much of that is because he’s not … a lot of it is the parenting, but a lot of it is the food. When your kid feels good, they act well.”

Since Silverstone and her family are living an eco-friendly lifestyle, she was quick to shame Starbucks for what she thought was a lack of eco-friendly choices.

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It all happened when she visited the coffee chain this past Tuesday and staff used a disposable cup to make her order.

She ended up calling out the company on Twitter in a series of tweets.

Last year, the company had taken steps forward to helping the environment by introducing strawless lids.

Sure, it made grown adults look like they were drinking out of sippy cups, but it did the planet good.

They have also introduced a more streamlined waste and recycling program.

On top of calling out Starbucks for their disposable cups, she brought up an issue with their non-dairy milk.

While she was at it, she also asked them to start offering unsweetened oat milk at all of their locations.

#priorities, girl!

A lot of people sided with the actress.

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Caring about the earth's health is cool you guys!

This Twitter user brought up how grocery stores aren't doing enough for the planet either.

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Others had a less-than-kind approach by suggesting she just stay home and make her own coffee.

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Even the support account for Starbucks got involved by asking the actress for more info on the matter.

Diply has been in contact with a Starbucks spokesperson who clarified that baristas are encouraged to craft beverages in reusable cups.

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"Starbucks baristas are encouraged to craft beverages directly in customers’ reusable cups whenever possible. Building on our long standing commitment to sustainability and an elevated customer experience, we will take this opportunity to review guidance to our partners about personal cup use as we continue to be mindful of waste," the statement read.

They also clarified that adding a splash of an alternative milk to a variety of beverages is always free of charge.

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"Regarding alternative milks, adding a splash of any alternative milk to brewed or iced coffee, cold brew or an Americano is always offered free of charge. The price of our beverages is based on a standard recipe, so any customizations that are not part of the standard recipe, which could include added flavors, alternative milk, or an additional shot of espresso, will incur a small charge," they explained.

In the end, we can't be surprised that Alicia is so passionate about this topic.

This is the actress who once played the great and powerful Cher from Clueless — the one who got her grade from a C+ to an -A.

If anyone can spur positive change for the planet, it's Cher Alicia.