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Zoe Kravitz Should Play Catwoman In 'The Batman' Film

Selina Kyle, who is better known as Catwoman, is the next character that has to get cast for Robert Pattinson's The Batman film.

And I have the perfect casting: Zoe Kravitz. If she does get cast I want full credit!

Zoe Kravitz should play Catwoman. I said what I said.

This picture should be enough to convince you, to be honest.

She even kind of looks like a cat! I know, weird compliment, but she would look great in the suit.

Listen, Selena Kyle is one of the most badass characters in the DC universe.

And not only was Zoe Kravitz already a badass, but she's related to one of the biggest badasses in Hollywood: Jason Momoa.

So we know he would approve.

We know she looks good in black.

Her photos from the MET definitely prove it.

The skin-tight leather suit would look phenomonal on her.

This photo proves she can pull off the personality of Catwoman too.

The prideful, interesting, seductive, and logical.

And come on, that expression just screams master of espionage.

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