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Michael Jordan Just Donated $1 Million To The Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Rae Batchelor 10 Sep 2019

Mr. Rogers once famously said that during times of tragedy and hardship, we should always be looking for the helpers, because there will always be people helping. The same is true of the results of Category 5 storm Hurricane Dorian which is currently affecting the people of the Bahamas.

Legendary basketball star Michael Jordan is one of those helpers.

TMZ reports that Michael Jordan has just donated $1 million dollars to hurricane relief.

Through a rep, Jordan has said, "I am devastated to see the destruction that Hurricane Dorian has brought to the Bahamas, where I own property and visit frequently."

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"My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and to those who have lost loved ones."

"As the recovery and relief efforts continue, I will be tracking the situation closely and working to identify non-profit agencies where the funds will have the most impact," he says.

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Jordan continued, adding that he is hopeful that his donation will help those affected.

"The Bahamian people are strong and resilient and I hope that my donation will be of help as they work to recover from this catastrophic storm."

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The devastation from the storm has been severe.

However, millions have been donated through relief efforts, from countries, to regular citizens, to celebrities like Michael Jordan. Hopefully this trend continues and the Bahamas continues to receive the aid they desperately need.

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