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The Weeknd Showed Off An Almost Unrecognizable New Look

Rae Batchelor 10 Sep 2019

When I woke up this morning to see that "Lionel Richie" was trending on Twitter, I clicked on it in an extreme hurry, immediately terrified that something bad had happened to the 70 year old music icon. Luckily, Lionel wasn't trending because of something he did, but because of a new look on display from R&B singer The Weeknd at TIFF.

We all remember The Weeknd's usual look.

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When the singer shot to fame, he had a pretty unique look that helped make him instantly recognizable. Think Ariana Grande's ponytail — when you saw this silhouette, you knew immediately who it was.

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That look is no more. Here's the debut of The (new) Weeknd at the TIFF red carpet.

A crisp, clean haircut. A new yet retro mustache. A smooth blue suit, no tie. This is a brand new Weeknd.

As always, people on Twitter had some amazing and hilarious reactions to this brand new look.

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This is why Lionel Richie was trending.

As this Twitter user suggests, The Weeknd looks like a wonderful, beautiful combination of Lionel, Bruno Mars, and Lenny Kravitz. There's a lot worse people who could be on that list.

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Some comparisons were not quite as flattering.

I mean, I love Nacho Libre, but he isn't exactly known as a fashion icon. Although maybe he will be now! Maybe The Weeknd has ushered us into the Nacho Era for style.

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And some people felt the need to point out the obvious.

As summer rounds into fall, maybe The Weeknd decided that the weekend was over. He's Monday now. He owns a small business, but he still likes to have fun.

Do you love or hate his new look? Are mustaches coming back into style?

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