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15+ Wholesome People Who Are Too Good For This World

Paddy Clarke 10 Sep 2019

It is so easy to find negativity on the internet. Whether it be people arguing in comments sections, or simply stories of people being generally terrible to each other, the internet has a bit of an obsession with pessimism in recent time.

However, there are little windows of goodness out there. Therefore, I have gathered here for you 15+ wholesome people who are too good for this world, in order to reaffirm your faith in the human race!

1. Peter Tabichi, The Best Teacher In The World

Reddit | radowanhabib

This teacher is from a remote village in Kenya and was crowned the best teacher in the world, beating over 10, 000 nominees. He gives away 80% of his monthly income to help his poorest students. The title he won came with a $1 million global prize.

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2. "Lost my wallet last week. Someone found it and took it to my parent’s house"

Reddit | andersleet

Now, I used to see these things and think, "Like Hell anyone would really do something like that!" because I'm typically a cynical, miserable person.

However, when I was at a festival this summer just gone I lost my wallet on the first day and then got it back from lost property with all my cards and money still in it, so things like this do happen!

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3. This Amazing Teacher

Reddit | MrWap

Teachers have such a massive impact on us, and I'm sure that these children will never forget the wonderful impact that this teacher has had on their lives.

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4. Keanu Reeves, Obviously

Reddit | taylornoia

I mean, did you really expect a list about wholesomeness without Keanu Reeves featuring? This young girls' wish was to meet Keanu as she loves Bill & Ted, and so he managed to organise a trip for the teen to the set of Bill & Ted 3. Dang it Keanu, will you ever not be completely wholesome you anti-aging rascal?

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5. "Florida man bought over 100 generators, around $450 apiece, to send to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian"

Reddit | chuckchicken11

According to a report in the Guardian, the effects of Hurricane Dorian have left over 500, 000 people without power. However, thanks to this man, hopefully some of those poor people will be able to start rebuilding.

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6. "6-year-old Jermaine had been saving up money so he could go to Walt Disney World, but he decided to spend that money on food to hand out to Hurricane Dorian evacuees instead"

Reddit | daisykeeks

I'm not crying, you are, shut up! Someone at Disney World needs to give this kid an all expenses paid trip stat!

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7. "The Batman Of Spring Hill walks 3-year-old to preschool after bullies gave her a black eye"

Reddit | jsnelson21

When he got to the school, Batman introduced the young girl as his "very best friend". Yeah, you don't see the joker going round doing this kind of work! Imagine how scared those kids would have been though if Jared Leto had turned up, no one should be subjected to spending time with Jared Leto regardless of the context.

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8. Greatest Beer Run Ever

Reddit | CrimsonSatan000

And to think, me and my mate will have to have a heated hour-long debate over who will go to the shop two minutes away.

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9. "Wichita boy holds hands, calms classmate with autism on first day of school"

Reddit | Elisabethkcmo

This kid's parents must be so proud. This young boy really inspires hope for the future!

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10. "A police officer went to his vehicule to grab a blanket to warm up this man in a wheelchair watching the baseball game."

Reddit | ManonMasser

This goes a good way to proving that the world isn't completely full of bad people, even though it can sometimes seem that way.

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11. This Wonderful Retired Man

Reddit | sadhguru_talk

With homelessness such a prevalent problem at present, it is amazing to see this man doing so much to help those less fortunate simply because he can.

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12. "This man was sketching people on the subway and telling them that they are beautiful"

Reddit | daaaabear

Imagine being that serene and wholesome on public transport. I only have to get on the bus and I can feel my stress levels rising. This man deserves a medal for being zen.

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13. The Most Wholesome Ebay Sale Of All Time

Reddit | Ehellegreg

According to the person who posted this, they sold their father's bike on Ebay after he had died. The man who bought it returned the next day with extra money for the seller and his daughter's trip to New York.

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14. Over 11 Years, John Cena Has Granted 500 Wishes For Make-a-Wish, That Equates To Roughly One Wish Every 8 days

Reddit | panthers6686

Yes, not only is John Cena a non-stop meme machine, but he's also a non-stop top bloke — which is good because if it had come out that he was a terrible person then I don't think I could have handled it.

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15. Gail Halvorsen, The Berlin Candy Bomber

Reddit | ultimatepro

During the Berlin Airlift, Colonel Halvorsen became famous for dropping candy to Berlin children from 1948-1949. As a result he became known as the Berlin Candy Bomber.

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16. Man Feeding Polar Bear And Cubs

Reddit | Many_Coconut

This photo was taken in the late 70s, and instead of shooting the polar bear, this man offered the bears some food. Look at the little one holding his leg and tell me your heart doesn't melt a little.

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17. This 15-year-old boy

Reddit | KinkiPinki

The young boy in the photographs is an neighbour of the elderly couple in the images. This was a post that went viral some years ago, as the 15-year-old would frequently take the couple shopping and cut the grass for them. The boy burst into tears when he saw the elderly woman in hospital, and the post was originally written by the elderly couple's child who thanked the boy for being so good to them.

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18. "Mexican marines set to prevent the poaching of turtle eggs"

Reddit | drdoom

I don't know how any person could actually kill one of these beautiful creatures. Thankfully something is being done to help protect them , but more can always be done.

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19. This Unbelievable Mother

Reddit | grr_throwaway

It is so easy to find cynicism out there in the world, and God knows I'm guilty of it myself; however, it's good to know that there is still people out there who promote such wholesome positivity!

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20. "The Icelandic Postal Service delivered a letter addressed using a rudimentary hand-drawn map."

Reddit | undrhyl

You are more than welcome for this dose of wholesomeness. This is like something they would do in a stop frame animation children's cartoon.

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