Crochet Donut Pillows Are The Stuff "Sweet" Dreams Are Made Of

Donuts are having a major moment right now. It was kind of like when cupcakes took off back in like 2012, but now it's all about the "donut boom," as I'm calling it.

To celebrate this delicious, iced, doughy treat, check out these awesome crochet donut pillows.

You can truly have as many donuts as you like, guilt-free, with these crochet donut pillows!


The classic comfy cushion is transformed into a fun, colorful donut.

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You can really dress them up how you like!


If you like sprinkles, you can add them in. Or if you just like a classic glazed, you can leave it plain.

Leave it to your imagination!

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It's probably the cutest accent pillow I've ever seen.

Etsy | YalisAndYabosCrochet

If you're a master crocheter, you need to make one now, and you can check out a detailed tutorial right here!

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